Who Is Zach Plesac Girlfriend Nicole Licata? Her Biography And Dating Life

Zach Plesac
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Nicole Licata, a contract social media manager at Nicola Social, is dating Zach Plesac. 

He played for the MiLB’s Akron Rubberducks and Lynchburg Hillcats prior to making his MLB debut against the Boston Sox in 2018. Plesac spent his whole undergraduate career playing baseball for the Ball State Cardinals.

He was an amazing athlete as a young child and was born and raised in Crow Point, Indiana. He racked up a variety of accolades and successes during his amateur baseball career at Crow Point High School and his collegiate years at Ball State.

Meet Zach Plesac Girlfriend Nicole Licata: Her Wikipedia Biography

Nicole Licata, a BBA alum of the University of Illinois at Chicago, will graduate in 2020. The beginning of Nicole’s business was in January 2022. As a marketing student, she started a freelance project at Nicola Social to help promote brands on online platforms.

The company provides guidance to brands on how to increase their social media presence. Planning creative content for their social networks that has the correct strategic impact and an aesthetic impression is her responsibility as a manager.

Zach Plesac
Source: instagram

Before starting Nicola Social, she was a marketing assistant at Hubbard Inn from January 2020 to January 2021. She has experience with social media management as well; she worked as a manager at Louis’ Chop House for a year.

She joined Louis’ Chop House in 2012 and worked as a Head Hostess and bartender for six years before being promoted to manager. Licata is passionate about all-natural skincare in addition to marketing.

She participated in the 2020 International Organic Skincare Entrepreneur Program sponsored by Formula Botanica. A diploma in Organic Cosmetic Science, Organic Skincare Formulation, and Beauty Brand Business Management was awarded to her upon graduation.

Exploring Zach Plesac And Nicole Licata Dating Life

Zach Plesac and Nicole Licata announced their engagement on April 1, 2021.

On Instagram, Nicole shared a statement outlining how she located the person she was looking for. They were standing on a hill overlooking Phoenix, Arizona, with their friends and Zach’s dog Lola.

Following her original post with him, Nicole sent Lola a number of more images along with the message, “be the reason someone smiles today.”

Later, on October 11, 2021, Zach tweeted a cute photo of the couple in the Grand Canyon while their route from Cleveland to Scottsdale. Nicole shared her Instagram tales about their journey on October 13 after two days.

The Guardians pitcher and his wife like travelling on their vacation, as seen in their social media updates. They returned to Mexico’s Punta De Mita at the end of October after their initial trip to Scottsdale.

Plesac published pictures of himself and his lovely partner Nicole enjoying the outdoors while riding horses, strolling along beaches, and basking in the sun. They seem to love their time together, and he described it as recalibrating in an Instagram post he wrote.

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