Yanah Laurel Age, Parents, Wikipedia, Biography, And Instagram

Yanah Laurel
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Filipino actress and host Yanah Laurel works in television. The general public will find her Wikipedia biography and other personal information interesting.

In well-known TV episodes including Tadhana, Yana Laurel, and The Killer Bride, she has made an appearance. Moreover, she will host the first “Drag Race Philippines” season in 2022.

Yanah Laurel is well-known for her work as a singer and performer in addition to her roles as an actress and a host. She has participated in several festivals and singing contests.

Also, she has a YouTube channel where she regularly uploads vlogs on a range of topics, including as music, beauty, travel, and behind-the-scenes activities from her personal and professional lives. Yanah’s father, Franco Laurel, comes from a large acting family.

The two albums by the Filipino musician, “You said” (2017) and “Nabitin,” are available on Spotify (2019)

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What Is The Age Of Yanah Laurel? Who Are Her Parents?

Several publications suggest that the Filipino actress was born on September 30, 1987, while other sources assert that she was born on October 7, 1993.

The actress has not yet made any personal information about her known to the public, including her birthdate.

Although age can be a touchy subject because it may affect how another perceives someone, we cannot completely rule out the actress’s actual age without any specific information provided by the actress herself.

The information above suggests that Yanah is quiet and doesn’t talk much about her life. It’s crucial to respect her right to privacy and to refrain from assuming things about her age that aren’t true.

She has kept her parents’ identity a secret in a similar manner. One of the many reasons for this is that she might not have wanted the paparazzi and the media to snoop into her and her parent’s private lives.

Public figures often conceal personal information for their own gain and protection. As soon as families are involved, it becomes serious.

Wikipedia Page And Biography Of Laurel Yanah

Yanah had originally wanted to pursue law, but her love of acting never diminished.

She decided to focus on a profession in the entertainment industry rather than fight her desire to act on stage. Her purported pastime evolved into a passionate connection that she could not end.

Yanah has no trouble acting all day long. Even though no one in her family forced or encouraged her to, she took part in school plays when she was younger.

Yanah had the opportunity to grow up in a creative and entertaining environment where she could learn from them, fall in love with them, and enjoy their company.

At the age of nine, Laurel had her stage debut as a working performer in the Floy Quintos musical, playing the part of Zoe.

The Filipino actress took a pause from performing to concentrate on her studies before graduating from high school and earning a BA in writing from the University of the Philippines.

Instagram Account Of Laurel Yanah

Source: instagram

Social media user Yanah Laurel has 4973 followers on her @yanahlaurel account. On her travels, career, and personal style, she publishes essays.

She also makes use of her position to fight for causes that are important to her and to spread awareness of important issues like mental health.

She constantly updates her Twitter account, which has over 747 followers, with interesting news about her life and business.

She also has a 1.09K-subscriber YouTube channel where she vlogs on a variety of subjects like travel, music, beauty, and behind-the-scenes activities from her personal and professional life.

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