Why Was Natalie Barelare Church Arrested? Her Age And Case Details

Natalie Barelare
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Natalie Barelare was detained at a church after threatening a few kids. Natalie became well-known online for frightening kids in the garage.

Natalie Barelare Church is also known as Natalie Shannon Church. She identifies as a white woman who resides in the US city of Dallas, Texas.

She had lived in many cities before, including Richardson and Plano. Before relocating to Dallas, she lived in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Joseph Bruno Barelare is her father, and Norma Jean Barelare is her mother. Her sister’s name is Norman Barelare. Natalie is a divorced mother who married Timothy Stephen Church, who was four years her senior.

They had a son and a daughter while they were still dating. The son of Natalie and Timothy was born in 2005. In 2013, the grandpa of Norman Charles Schifano passed away in Shelby County, Alabama.

She once got married to a Jiu-Jitsu expert. In 2018, they made the trip to Las Vegas to watch Timothy compete in the World Master International Jiu-Jitsu Federation Championship.

Why Was Natalie Barelare Church Arrested?

Natalie Barelare, a church member, was detained for disseminating disparaging remarks about children. She disparaged Asians in her words. Also, Natalie has been jailed in the past for an attempted sex offense.

2019 saw the filing of a divorce petition against her husband Timothy in Collin County, Texas. It is unclear with certainty what led to their divorce. Nonetheless, Natalie started dating Marc Damon Hammet after the divorce.

On the other side, Timothy started dating Andrea Gonzales, and the two eventually got engaged. After being together for over a year, the couple decided to marry in 2021.

Grandmother Sara Francis Giambrone Schifano, 90, passed away in August 2019 in Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama.

In July 2022, she made public appearances alongside Hammett in places like Granbury Downtown Square, Destin, Florida, Austin, and many more places.

The couple was later spotted taking in a tennis match at the 2022 Women’s Tennis Association Championships hosted at Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, Texas.

Natalie Barelare Church’s Age

Natalie Barelare
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According to sources, Natalie Barelare was 50 years old when she was taken into custody on January 13, 2023.

Collin County, Texas, detained her. Yet, neither she nor the police have confirmed her age.

Explanation On Natalie Barelare Church Case

The video showing Natalie Barelare Church being harassed by her boyfriend of the moment, March Hammett, went viral after it was uploaded to the TikTok account. The video gained a lot of traction on social media, igniting hatred and encouraging both sides.

In the viral video that was taken close to a garage, the pair appeared to be scaring kids. Natalie and Hammett claimed that after the couple gave the kids the middle finger and drove close to them, the kids followed the couple.

When the kids are watching the video, Natalie is attempting to steal their phones, and Hammett is yelling at them. The video generally discusses interacting with minors both on and off camera.

While attempting to unwind, the couple appeared to have damaged the garage door by touching anything they came across in the space.

Before the two left, Natalie made a derogatory remark against Asians.

As the video went viral, Danesh disclosed that the couple was Natalie Barelare and her boyfriend Marc Hammett. Two distinct Tiktok accounts were created in order to post the video.

Once the video went viral, Natalie Barelare Church was mentioned more frequently because of her criminal record. During a home invasion, Natalie was once jailed for intentional sex charges.

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