Who Is Katherine Sneed? Her Boyfriend Alex Lagina And Relationship With Miriam Amirault

Katherine Sneed
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Alex Lagina, a native of Oak Island, was dating fashion blogger Katherine Sneed. Katherine Sneed is the Hagerty Corporate Specialist.

Since Alex joined the show, numerous individuals have been curious about his personal life in general. He is one of the children of the Lagina brothers and is an adult capable of managing his own life.

Alex, along with the rest of his father’s crew, appears frequently on the program. He may not be as well-known to audiences as Gary Drayton or Charles Barkhouse, but he is nonetheless significant and worthy of consideration.

His growth has been monitored for fourteen seasons. As a result, everyone is interested in his personal and dating life. Katherine, his ex-girlfriend, is now a little more familiar to us.

Katherine Sneed also publishes fashion-related blogs.

Katherine Sneed is a blogger from Oak Island. Katherine and Alex Lagina formed a relationship.

Who Is Katherine Sneed?

Sneed is a Senior Corporate Communications Specialist with Hagerty at now. In 2013, she started interning at Jenkins Group, Inc.

She worked there for over two years prior to becoming an editorial intern for Ocean Drive Magazine.

She began working with Hagerty as a summer intern in 2015 and swiftly climbed the ranks. She was largely responsible for corporate communications there.

She has remained in the same location for the past five years, and she now exudes a great deal more brilliance.

Katherine was appointed to her current job three years ago. In 2017, Katherine was promoted to Corporate Communications.

Currently, she resides in Transverse, Michigan.

In addition to working for the company, she is also successful in the arts. She is a very experienced fashion guru, and her do-it-yourself tips are frequently included in major journals.

In an interview, she recognized that her concept of fashion is continuously evolving. She once acquired the ultimate combination of classic and feminine characteristics.

She has only recently realized how much she enjoys concealing unusual stuff in her attire.

Consequently, Sneed’s personal style could be regarded as classic with an edge.

Katherine is always searching for a reason to board a plane. She is particularly drawn to Europe due to her appreciation for history and the arts, in addition to fashion.

The blogger may continue to explore the boutiques and streets of Positano and Paris. However, everyone would want to do that.

Katherine Snee: Boyfriend Alex Lagina

Katherine Sneed and Alex reached a conclusion that is not well accepted. Katherine and Alex split due of their individual issues.

Alex Lagina is generally the first person who comes to mind when The Curse of Oak Island is mentioned, despite the fact that some individuals may be unaware of this.

Obviously, Alex will be considerably more motivated to continue investigating Oak Island if there is a chance of finding hidden money. However, he has additional defenses.

Alex’s greatest joy is spending time with his father and uncle, which has been made possible through the program.

The majority of Oak Land residents excitedly anticipate Katherine’s arrival. Given that the pair is no longer together, it seems unlikely that Sneed will participate in the show.

What Kind Of Relationship Do Alex Lagina And Miriam Amirault Have?

Alex Lagina and Miriam Amirault collaborated together on “The Curse of Oak Island.” Alex Lagina’s girlfriend has always attracted viewers’ interest.

In the spring of 2020, archaeologist Miriam graduated from the University of New Brunswick with a bachelor’s degree in archaeology (UNB). She majored in Classical Studies and earned a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology with honors.

Her enthusiasm and commitment indicate that she desires a career in archaeology. On the other hand, Miriam opted to stick to her original plan.

Her father attended UNB. Therefore, she traveled there with a certain purpose in mind. In her senior year of high school, Miriam opted to attend this university.

It is also conceivable that she chose the location due of its proximity to her home in Digby, Nova Scotia.

Dr. Aaron Taylor encouraged Miriam to participate in an archaeological dig in Cuba during her second semester of college, and this is how she entered the field of field archaeology.

She saw it as the ideal opportunity to learn more about archaeology and assess if she would enjoy it.

Thankfully, she enjoyed it, but that was only the beginning.

Dr. Taylor urged her to join the team when she received her degree. Due to their relationship, she was granted the opportunity to appear in a History Channel documentary series.

Miriam is eager to acquire new knowledge and has different interests. She became interested in forensics and archaeology at the University of New Brunswick about the same period.

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