Who Is Jamea Drake? Shannon And Caitlin Relationship In 2023

Jamea Drake
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The former girlfriend of Shannon Mafs and online fitness influencer Jamea Drake. Jamea is a citizen of Australia.

The Australian television actor and personal trainer participated in several storied shows before joining the Married At First Sight group.

He portrayed the role of Nick Thompson in Blue Heelers and appeared in one episode of Neighbours.

Additionally, he had varied characters in two episodes of the classic Rush.

In seasons 1 and 2, he played Max Spray and the jelly shots guy, respectively.

He has been fascinated with acting since he was a small child. Even at NIDA, he completed an acting course.

His life improved after he joined the show and participated with Caitlin. Viewers discovered he was still in love with his former girlfriend before he moved in with his new wife.

Who Is Jamea Drake?

Shannon MAFS’s ex-girlfriend Jamea Drake has a lot of clouts. Shannon and Jamea reconnected following Shannon’s marriage to Caitlin on MAFS.

She is a fitness maniac and adores boxing. Drake exercises at the gym or goes out with her friends in her spare time.

The ex-girlfriend of Shannon Maf has the Instagram handle @jameadrake. Additionally, she runs some adverts for the companies run by her kin.

In the latest season of MAFS, he called his ex-partner to declare his continued love for her shortly after moving in with his new wife, Caitlin.

When she asked Adams who he was calling, he answered immediately that he was chatting to his ex-girlfriend as the new couple confessed their feelings.

He added that he didn’t want to force any of them into a love triangle and that he still had feelings for Jamea.

Caitlin admitted that she was concerned about their future together in a lot of ways.

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Shannon And Caitlin’s Relationship In 2023

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Shannon and Caitlin aren’t together anymore after he departs the show. Shannon reestablished contact with his former flame.

He is back with Jamea Drake, his sporadic love interest. The two got along while he was filming for the show.

They had a four-year-old daughter named Milli and remained close even while they weren’t living together.

On the other hand, Caitlin was in a hazardous scenario when Adams became emotional and started to miss and feel sorry for his ex-spouse.

Caitlin was shocked to learn of their predicament as she wasn’t aware of their marital issues.

The first time the couple ran into issues was during the rating challenge game on the show, which called for couples to rate other brides and grooms.

After some comments, Shannon dropped her from second place, which made matters worse for them.

Shannon And Caitlin Journey On The Show”Rollercoaster “

Shannon and Caitlin joined the show after failing to find love elsewhere. They were wed in the tenth season of MAFS.

She attended the gathering in quest of a dependable friend who could also make her laugh.

The groom, on the other hand, had broken his seven-year engagement and was distraught when he came at the concert. He also has a child from a previous union, a daughter.

In the show’s early episodes, we saw some genuine bonds between them. However, things between them started to go south when they were requested to participate in a ranking task.

Both Melinda and her fans were shocked when Melinda was included before Caitlin at the top of the list.

During their wedding, they complimented each other when they ran into one another.

The couple seemed to be a perfect match, despite their sadness from their prior relationships.

However, everything changed as soon as they departed on their honeymoon. Everything had been going so well up to that moment.

He started behaving oddly as he started to miss his ex-girlfriend Jamea. Things did not go well after that, and they were broken up.

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