Where Is Wagner Moura Today? Know About His Death Rumours, Wife And Earnings

Wagner Moura
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Fans have been curious about what happened to Wagner Moura since reading about his demise online.

According to insiders, the actor is still alive, debunking the untrue death rumors.

On June 27, 1976, Wagner Moura, a Brazilian actor, director, and singer, was born in Salvador, Bahia.

He rose to stardom because to his role of Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar in the lauded Netflix series “Narcos” (2015-2017). Moura’s love of playing in plays with his siblings at a young age sparked an early interest in the performing arts.

Before opting to pursue acting, he pursued his passion for the arts by studying journalism at the Federal University of Bahia.

The actor has received numerous awards for his performances, including the Grande Prêmio do Cinema Brasileiro and the Troféu APCA, two of the most prestigious honors for Brazilian performers.

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Where Is Wagner Moura Today? Know About His Death Rumours

A death hoax on Wagner Moura, a Brazilian actor best known for his appearances in “Elysium,” “Elite Squad,” and “Narcos,” was spread on social media in February 2023.

The allegations that he had purportedly passed away alarmed his admirers worldwide. Several people expressed their sorrow and sympathies for his passing on social media.

Wagner Moura’s representatives quickly refuted reports that he had passed away, insisting he was still alive and well.

After the reports were denied, these were added to the list of famous people who had been tricked.

Others expressed shock at the recklessness and risk of these bogus news stories and relief that he was still alive and well.

In a media interview, Wagner Moura has not spoken about the faked death. The fact that he is still actively pursuing a career in entertainment and is in good health gives his supporters some comfort.

Who Is Wagner Moura’s Wife?

Wagner Moura, a well-known actor from Brazil, has been seeing Sandra Delgado for a while. Sandra is also a well-known documentary filmmaker, photographer, and journalist.

After meeting while attending college, the couple began dating in 2001.

Moura and Delgado had a strong enough connection, despite not dating until after graduation, for him to ask her to move live with him in Rio de Janeiro.

Despite being together for almost twenty years and having three children, the couple is not legally married.

They didn’t care about needing a legal document to prove their commitment; they were more concerned with their love and their family.

The Moura-Delgado family divides its time among three homes in Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, and Salvador.

They reportedly live wherever their profession takes them, and during Moura’s stint on Narcos, they spent a lot of time in Colombia.

Despite the family’s travels, Moura feels that Bahia remains his home.

What Is The Earning Of Wagner Moura?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Wagner’s total net worth is $10 million at this stage in his career.

Wagner pursues artistic endeavors in directing, producing, music composition, journalism, and performing.

His exceptional administration produced several well-liked movies and television shows that enthralled viewers all around the world.

He began performing in Brazil in the late 1990s, appearing in supporting roles in films and TV shows.

Moura succeeded when he was given important parts in films like “Woman on Top” and “Carandiru” at the start of the new millennium.

In addition to directing Sergio (2019) and Marighella, two Netflix-exclusive feature films, he has made appearances in a number of Brazilian television shows.

Moura has a successful music career in addition to his acting career. In 1992, he cofounded the Brazilian band Sua Me with a couple of his friends.

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