Where Is Dylan Mortensen From? Her Age And Sexuality Revealed

Dylan Mortensen
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Dylan Mortensen declares his transsexual identity at Idaho University. According to reports, Dylan Mortensen shouted at her friends to remain silent after hearing Bryan Kohberger be killed.

After bumping into suspected killer Bryan Kohberger, a victim of the University of Idaho murders, Dylan Mortensen allegedly told her pals to stay quiet because she believed the noises were her four roommates being brutally murdered for loud partying.

When Mortensen opened her bedroom door at around four in the morning, she reportedly yelled at the group to remain quiet. She said that the noise was keeping her up at night.

That evening, when Mortensen heard more commotion outside her door, she opened it again and saw the supposed murderer—whom she had mistaken for a partygoer—in the street.

She assumed it was the partygoer who was completely covered in black clothing and wearing a mask. He walked by her after four in the morning when he left the house.

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Where Is Dylan Mortensen From? His Age

Dylan Mortensen is currently 21 years old. His birthdate is not yet known to the general public. Bryan Kohberger, the murderer, is currently only 28 years old.

Kohberger was also imprisoned at the Albrightsville, Pennsylvania, residence of his parents. In December of last year, he was arrested.

Those accused in his murder include Kaylee Goncalves, who was just 21 years old; Madison Mogen, who was also 21; Xana Kernodle, who was 20; and Ethan Chapin, who was also 20.

According to the insider, Kohberger strangely followed Madison, Kaylee, and Xana on their Instagram profiles and other social media platforms. He made numerous attempts to contact one of the female victims, but he never heard back.

A mile and a half away, at the Corner Club, a student club, Kaylee and Maddie spent the evening of the murder. They arrived home at 1:45 AM and spent the night on the third floor when Kaylee chatted with her ex on the phone.

Also, Xana and Ethan attended a fraternity house celebration. They slept in Xana’s room on the second floor when they returned the following morning.

Dylan Mortensen Sexuality Revealed

Dylan Mortensen a trans person. Since the lawsuit is more concerned with the killing, no additional details about the problems have been made available to the public.

Dylan Mortensen became involved in the inquiry since it took eight hours before the police were finally contacted at the office campus apartment.

The four students are thought to have passed away between 4 and 4:25 AM, according to the police.

The former FBI agent, Coffindaffer, has suspicions that Dylan Mortensen may have taken eight hours for the two survivor roommates to call the police, even though she may have been traumatized and startled with fear after spotting a suspicious person inside her home that late at night with a mask on.

However, according to Brett Payne of the Moscow Police Department, Dylan may have been stunned or completely paralyzed when she first saw the culprit. Dylan’s viewpoint has not yet been expressed.

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