What Happened To Wrestler MJF? Car Accident, Crash Update And “Dead Or Alive”

Wrestler MJF
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Could MJF have been wounded in a car accident? A member of the AEW Dynamite team, MJF is a well-known professional wrestler who recently got crashed.

Following his victory over Konosuke Takeshita on today’s broadcast, he gave a cut promo in which he talked about an injury he experienced as a young man.

American professional wrestler Maxwell T. Friedman goes by the ring name MJF. In addition to his work with All Elite Wrestling Dynamite, he is the first ever AEW World Champion.

He has held the AEW World Championship for the past four years and has the AEW Dynamite Diamond Ring.

Prior to signing with AEW, Maxwell was the MLW World Middleweight Champion and a member of the MLW World Tag Team Champions.

When it comes to the American indie scene, Friedman has also wrestled for Combat Zone Wrestling. During his time with CZW, he won two titles: the CZW World Heavyweight Championship and the CZW-Wired Championship.

While training under Brian Myers and Pat Buck, he won the CZW World Heavyweight Championship before making his debut for Create A Pro Wrestling Academy in Hicksville, New York.

What Happened To Wrestler MJF?

On the February 9 edition of AEW Dynamite, MJF discussed an adolescent injury he sustained.

It was a spliced commercial, and his fingers were stained red. In his first-person narration, MJF presented himself as a lowlife scumbag. Maxwell says this to establish the tone for the story: “A man does not know what he is actually made of until he is tested with hardship.”

According to the current AEW World Champion, who was also his prom date, he was seen leaving the venue with a woman named Liv.

They got inside Maxwell’s blue cameo, beamed at nan, and talked about how great she was.

Two-time CZW-Wired Champion jumped in his car and floored the accelerator. As they hydroplaned and spun out of control, he claimed it started raining cats and dogs.

The AEW Champion continued, “When I woke up drenched in blood, my sweet Liv’s skull had smashed the windshield again.” When he reached out and touched her nose, he gave thanks to God that she was still alive.

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Car Accident And Crash Update Of Wrestler MJF

Wrestler MJF Car Accident Crash
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T. Friedman revealed that he was injured in a car accident on the 9th of February’s broadcast of AEW. There are images of him and his junior promo partner Liv out there somewhere.

The blue cameo they were driving was doing 90 mph before it went down. The wrestler grew afraid as they began hydroplaning out of control. He opted to press the gas pedal rather than the brake.

After running into a telephone pole, they suffered severe injuries. The impact of hitting the windshield knocked out MJF’s junior girlfriend Liv, but he came to consciousness after a few minutes.

Maxwell came to shortly after the police arrived. Before the cops arrived at the prom, he switched seats with his date to throw them off.

Is Wrestler MJF Dead Or Alive? Fans Are Worried For Him

As in the year 2023, MJF is doing rather well and is still very much with us in AEW. Presently, he has the title of AEW World Champion. While he has not been in a car accident recently, he got into one when he was young.

He recently defeated Konsuke Takeshita and is enjoying his first title reign in AEW. He is well-known for his skill with microphones.

The audience goes wild whenever Maxwell takes the mic. The next edition of AEW Dynamite could feature more of his mind-blowing promo cuts and performances.

Friedman has had both successes and failures in his career, and he has competed against big names like John Moxley, CM Punk, Chris Jericho, and many others.

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