What Happened To ITV News Presenter Amanda Piper? Her Illness And Health Update

Amanda Piper
Source: itv.com

For South East England viewers of ITV’s Good Morning Britain on Meridian, Piper brings the news. 

She is a journalist for a British publication. Amanda Piper allegedly had a medical history, according to internet claims. Let’s learn more about the well-known newscaster’s situation.

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Illness And Health Update Of Amanda Piper

Amanda Piper is not ill, and she hasn’t lately discussed any health difficulties with the media.

Good Morning Meridian is the name of the regional edition of Good Morning Britain that the British television host regularly hosts on ITV Meridian. Amanda maintains her social media accounts frequently with tweets and posts about her life.

Amanda Piper
Source: itv.com

Based on her social media activity, the ITV presenter appears to be in good health and clear of any ailments. Piper recently responded to a few fan comments on her 6.7K-follower @AmandaPiperITV Twitter account.

Since she is healthy as of March 2023, any sickness claims made against British broadcaster Amanda Piper are untrue.

Along with her job on television, Piper has kept a lot of information about her parents and family private. Even though she is in her mid-to early-fifties, she has not spoken about her husband or her children.

Exploring Amanda Piper Career

ITV has employed Amanda Piper for more than 20 years.

Her LinkedIn page indicates that she began working for the channel in September 2001 and has done so ever since. Piper reads the news on ITV’s Good Morning Britain as the Meridian reporter.

Prior to the debut of Good Morning Britain, Amanda worked as a newsreader for the “Daybreak” program. The British television host frequently provides news coverage to viewers in South East England.

It’s well known that Piper enjoys the morning and is frequently busy. She gets out of bed at around 3:15 in the morning and tunes into ITV’s Good Morning Britain, which debuts at 6 am, to catch the local news and weather.

Amanda is a multi-program television owner, news reader, and compulsive shoe collector. Amanda Piper is anticipated to have a net worth of £500,000 by March 2023. In South East England, the ITV market is consistently dominated by British newsreader.

Amanda worked behind the scenes for Channel 4’s The Big Breakfast and Children’s BBC before beginning her career as a newscaster. As soon as she had her degree, she started working as a writer, researcher, reporter, and producer for a Kent local radio station.

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