What Happened To Acrylic Tank Manufacturing Company? Details On Its Owner

Acrylic Tank Manufacturing
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ATM Acrylic Tank Manufacturing company located in Las Vegas, Nevada is not operating right now.

Many of you have heard of the custom aquarium firm “Acrylic Tank Manufacturing” in Nevada, Las Vegas. People are asking what the founders of acrylic tanks are up to these days. Will the company’s founders ever relaunch Acrylic Tank Manufacturing?

While their business was booming in the 2000s, ATM developed thousands of unique and personalized tanks for well-known celebrities. Unfortunately, the company was forced to close due to high operating costs, low worker productivity, and a scarcity of trained human resources.

Since the ATM (Acrylic Tank Manufacturing) abruptly stopped in 2020, people have become more advanced and innovative in the acrylic tank sector.

This article will teach you about the ATM industry, its founders, staff, social media reviews, and the cause of the company’s liquidation.

What Happened To Acrylic Tank Manufacturing Company?

Acrylic Tank Manufacturing went bankrupt in 2020 and is no longer in business. It was a premier corporation founded by pioneer tank specialist Wayde King and ATM COO Brett Raymer.

The company is the best supplier of bespoke or conceptual acrylic tanks and aquarium equipment for hobbyists.

Wayde and Brett made millions from the tank business by selling customized aquariums to well-known celebrities in the United States and Europe.

They both starred in Tanked, a TV show aired on Animal Planet until 2018, demonstrating their outstanding work in making personalized tanks for pleased clientele worldwide.

The ATM’s Facebook and Instagram pages are still active, but there have been no updates. The most recent Facebook post was made on December 18, 2019.

Wayde King And Brett Raymer: Owner Of Acrylic Tank

Acrylic Tank Manufacturing’s owners, business partners, and brothers-in-law are Wayde King and Brett Raymer.

Thousands of creative personalized aquariums were made for high-profile celebrities such as Usher, Kobe Bryant, and Jorge Posada. The aquarium manufacturing company broke the record in five years and generated the most significant profit.

According to Famous Birthdays, Wayde King is the CEO of the personalized acrylic aquariums, while Brett Raymer is the COO.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Brooklyn native Brett Raymer has entered the doughnut business. On March 9, 2018, he posed at his infamous Las Vegas doughnut shop.

Raymer got into the doughnut industry and now owns four Donut Mania shops, with plans for ten more in three years. Because of his confidence and desire, he is extending his firm throughout the United States.

Raymer also founded Stallone’s Italian Eatery and frequently uploaded photographs and videos of the restaurants on his Instagram account @brettraymer to inform his fan base about his work.

Raymer and Wayde also appeared in the Animal Planet reality show Tanked, which aired from 2011 to 2018. The show was canceled because Heather King, the show’s star, was charged with domestic violence. They had been married for 21 years before filing for divorce.

From August 2011 until December 2018, the series lasted 15 seasons. According to the Review-Journal, the show was canceled after the site published the violent incident between Heather King and Wayde King. She requested a divorce from Wayde King.

Fans were taken aback when Animal Planet abruptly announced the show’s cancellation. TMZ confirmed that Wayde was smacked and kicked twice during a violent argument.

On the other hand, Wayde is a reality TV star and the CEO of an acrylic tank firm. People are impressed with the hosts, Brett and Wayde King, and are eagerly awaiting the re-run of the hit TV show.

Wayde’s most recent upload was on August 2, 2020. On social media, he shared an image that expressed his feelings about the new season of the TV show Tanked.

What Is Acrylic Tanks Machine?

Wayde King and Brett Raymer, two innovative entrepreneurs, founded one of the most excellent Acrylic Tank Manufacturing companies in 1997 in Nevada.

Within five years, the company had become the top-rated custom-tanked until it was liquidated in 2020.

The organization has 4.6 ratings and 423 visitor reviews on Google.

Becky Rooker, a local guide, published a comprehensive review and shared photographs from the company. He added that he enjoyed investigating since the person who created the fantastic fish aquariums was humble. The employees were friendly and approachable. They were met promptly, given a tour, and saw the General… WOOHOO. Brent and Wade were not present that day, according to Rooker. They had a terrific time, though.

Another person stated, “What a fantastic tour! If you enjoy the show, you will not be disappointed. Trisha is a fantastic tour guide, and everyone from the play attended the meet and greet. Thank you for a wonderful experience!”

Similarly, the company’s official Facebook page gets 4.8 ratings out of 5 and 4,500 votes.

ATM was suggested by John Yohanna, who said, “She had the best experience working with Mrs. Angela Orsborne.”

Their company evolved from essential to custom aquariums. They even post the new designs on ATM’s official Facebook and Instagram pages.

Tanked, a television show they created, launched on Animal Planet in August 2011. The show chronicled the activities of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing, which Brett Wayde King’s brother-in-law ran.

Reason For Acrylic Tanks Company To Be Closed

There are numerous reasons why a company may be declared insolvent or dissolved. For example, the Acrylic Tank business was unexpectedly closed in 2020.

Here are some of the most important causes, as mentioned below:

  • Products of poor quality and poor service

Customers are turned off by low-quality merchandise. People want only to repurchase things if the products made by the makers or creators have flaws or defects.

The organization must have suitable testing protocols for the consumers they design. According to the Orlando Sentinel, Oliver Dawoud filed a complaint against Acrylic for failing to deliver the acrylic tank he ordered online.

For example, suppose you created a meal delivery service to consumers’ homes. If you fail to deliver the goods on time or provide the customers with fungal goods, they will never order food from you again.

  • Management Failure

Another primary reason for the company’s demise was the need for more appropriate management. The function of management in establishing business success is critical. It is the act of dealing with or controlling others. Managers and leaders should have positive interactions with customers and staff.

The sales team, for example, needed to learn how to keep consumers pleased and satisfied. Furthermore, they must understand how to properly sell the product both online and offline, which resulted in the company losing many loyal consumers looking for high-quality tanks.

  • Customer Reputation Issues

Acrylic Tank firms are notorious for having poor customer relations. Furthermore, it develops a negative reputation for the company’s smooth performance.

They received favorable and unfavorable customer feedback regarding their products and services. However, they should have spotted a few pieces of feedback that the supervisors needed to hear.

This could be another important reason for the company’s closure and bankruptcy.

One must understand the company’s business methods, beliefs, mission, and values.

  • Excessive Commercial Debts

The major red flag for the company’s liquidation is excessive debt. The corporation declared bankruptcy due to an excessive amount of debt.

Any debt-to-income ratio greater than 43% has been deemed excessive.

Thousands of Americans lost their jobs in 2020 due to the ATM’s solvency. According to reports, the corporation employed at least 200 individuals at its California facility.

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