Strongwoman: Is Victoria Long Transgender? Her Boyfriend Dennis Long, Age And Instagram

Victoria Long
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Whether Victoria Long is straight or transgender is the most often asked question online. Victoria is a powerlifter or deadlifter from Melrose, Minnesota.

Victoria is a professional-strong competitor who has taken part in several pro-series competitions.

Victoria Long was born in Melrose, Minnesota, a city in the United States. During the Arnold Strongwoman Classic 2023, Victoria and Tamara Walcott recently set the record for lifting the Elephant bar, which weighs 656 pounds.

They both created a record that they will both maintain. The Arnold Strongwoman Classic was held in Columbus, Ohio, on March 3 and 4, 2023. T

he athletes from all over the world displayed their immense strength for those in attendance.

Due to the fact that both athletes appeared to have a boring day, day one did not go as planned.

On the second day, they both made a strong recovery, fuelled by retaliation, and lifted a 656-pound bar, breaking the Elephant Bar Deadlift World Record.

Strongwoman: Is Victoria Long Transgender?

Many people assume Victoria is transsexual because of her strong physical presence. But the sportsman hasn’t explicitly denied the reports yet. She married Dennis, leading some people to believe she is straight.

Victoria Long triumphed at the Arnold Strongwoman Classic in 2022. She broke the previous record of 656 lbs. and was the first to do it.

Long demonstrated remarkable strength and accurate lifting technique while using the lifting straps. She has higher expectations for the Strongwoman.

By squatting 641 lbs., Tamara Walcott had previously won the Arnold Strongwoman Classic title.

Tamara immediately after Victoria when she raised the bar and effortlessly lifted the weight, matching Victoria Long’s record-breaking effort.

It’s noteworthy to note how differently the two athletes approached the lift; Victoria used lifting straps, while Tamara didn’t.

The display of both women’s extraordinary strength, which uses various techniques to break the world record, is impressive.

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Victoria Long And Her Boyfriend, Dennis Long

Dennis Long, a sports figure, and Victoria were dating. Since their 2019 wedding, the pair have lived together. Dennis works out as well.

Also, he has participated in a variety of competitions. Two of Dennis’ most famous victories are his third-place finishes in the 2021 WSM and the 2022 Arnold Strongman.

Victoria Long has also worked since 2019 and has kept up her activity. She has competed in many local, national, and international events.

She participated in four international competitions, winning three of them. Also she participated in two national competitions and won two. She competed in and finished second in the WSW finals.

Age Revealed Of Victoria Long

Victoria Long hasn’t revealed her true age yet because neither she nor the organizations have made a move to do so.

Other sources indicate Victoria is 30 years old. However, the athlete disputes those details.

Instagram Page Of Victoria Long

Victoria is fairly active on Instagram, where she has over 3800 followers. She seems to adore her puppy, as seen by the numerous posts about him on Facebook and Instagram.

She primarily shares details on her daily activities, workouts, and events she attends.

Victoria Long occasionally shares photos of her husband, Dennis Long, their dogs, and events on Facebook in addition to being active there.

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