Who Is Victoire Gouloubi Husband Simone? Know About Her Children, Earnings, And Net Worth

Victoire Gouloubi
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Simone Gouloubi, Victoire Gouloubi’s spouse, practices law in Milan. They create a devoted family of two together.

Victoire is now participating in Top Chef’s upcoming season, which will feature competitions amongst some of the best chefs in the world.

The following season will premiere on Peacock at 8:00 PM CST on March 9, 2023.

Season 20 of Top Chef will take place in London. For the first time, a country other than the United States is the main location for an entire season.

In reality competition television series Top Chef, chefs compete against one another.

Each show features one or more contestants who have been eliminated, chosen by a jury of well-known chefs and other influential personalities from the wine and food industries.

Who Is Victoire Gouloubi Husband Simone?

Successful chef Victoire Gouloubi is wed to attorney Simone. They work effectively as a team and complement one another’s professional endeavors.

The family loves their city of residence, Milan, for its thriving culture and delectable cuisine. Victoire makes their food, and they frequently eat together and converse.

Children are exposed to the culinary arts and learn how to prepare and eat beautiful cuisine from their mothers. The family enjoys having special experiences and valuable time together.

Gouloubi, Victoire With a black moustache, my hubby looks dapper. They appear to be a perfect match. Victoire and Simon both have fruitful professional lives.

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Detail On Victoire Gouloubi Children

Victoire Gouloubi is a gifted chef who was born in Brazzaville. She has achieved success in her area ever since May 8, 1981, the day of her birth.

Victoire Gouloubi was up in a big family of 15 brothers and sisters in Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo.

When Gouloubi was a little child, she frequently helped her mother in the kitchen, where she also picked up traditional Congolese culinary methods, forming her passion for cooking.

After graduating high school with a language focus, she enrolled in the university’s legal department. She ultimately decided to go into the culinary arts, but her passion for cooking never wavered.

She relocated to Italy in 2000, staying in the Veneto region, where she honed her culinary skills.

Victoire prioritizes her family and tries to be with them as often as possible.

Her regular involvement of her kids in her activities and cooking has taught them to love the culinary arts just as much as she does.

Info On Victoire Gouloubi Earnings And Net Worth

Victoire Goulobi quickly became famous in the culinary industry while studying under a skilled chef. She is currently worth $350,000.

She received the Touring Club Italy Award for outstanding food in 2015 and was recognized by L’Espresso as a WE-Women for Expo 2015 ambassador.

For her remarkable cooking, she was awarded the Touring Club Italy Prize in 2015, and L’Espresso named her a WE-Women for Expo 2015 ambassador.

Also, she leads the group and promotes “Le Toques Africains,” or African chef hats. The actress hosts a cooking show called “Il Tocco di Victoire” (Victoire’s touch) on Sky’s Gambero Rosso channel.

Using the username @chef victories, executive chef Victoire Goulobi has 1055 Instagram posts and 15.6k followers. She frequently updates her blog with information on her job, her kids, and the food she cooks.

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