Victims Of Cardiff Car Crash And Accident Cause


On March 5, 2023, a tragic vehicle accident in Cardiff claimed the lives of three young people and injured another two. 

Darcy Ross, Eve Smith, and Sophie Russon were the victims. Following the terrible collision in Cardiff’s Saint Mellons district, the two injured victims were promptly taken by ambulance to the hospital with serious injuries.

All of them were passing through Cardiff on their way back after spending the previous night in Newport, touring Porthcawl and Trecco Bay, and when the tragedy struck. Due to the devastating death toll and the children that died, the tragedy is currently getting a lot of media attention.

Meet The Victims Of Cardiff Car Crash

Three 20-year-olds, Eve Smith, Sophie Russon, and Darcy Ross, had a good time on Friday night in Maesglas, Newport, and at the Muffler club.

Thereafter, according to sources, they allegedly left for Porthcawl’s Trecco Bay, but they never made it there. According to reports, Cardiff natives Rafel Jeanne and Shane Loughlin were traveling with the three young women.

It’s still unclear whether they knew each other beforehand or had only recently met that evening. Also, after a deadly crash, the two injured individuals were rushed to a hospital. 

The Specialist officers are helping and supporting the families in whatever way they can, according to the police. In accordance with standard procedure, the Independent Office for Police Conduct has been informed of the circumstance.

Cause Of Cardiff Car Crash Accident

The five-person car is said to have left the A48 and struck another car. It is used as the main route between Llanedeyrn and Newport.

The investigation is also largely focused on determining the precise moment the car crashed and the duration of time that the three dead women and two injured men were trapped inside or beside the vehicle.

One of the relatives of the five people who died added that she had privately searched Cardiff and Newport because she didn’t think the police were treating the missing seriously enough. South Wales Police is assisting the officers and Gwent Police as they conduct the inquiry.

On March 5 at around 8:00 a.m., South Wales Police reported that they were at the scene of an ongoing accident on the roundabout in Cardiff that connects Eastern Avenue with Newport Road and the A48.

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