Twitter: Who Is Keean Bexte? His Wikipedia, Age And Family

Keean Bexte

On his social media pages, which include Twitter, YouTube, and his Facebook page, Keean Bexte has a sizable fan base. Who is Keean Bexte, though?

Why is his name so popular on the internet? It is difficult to have so many followers if you are not a unique individual.

Twitter: Who Is Keean Bexte?

Independent Canadian author Kean Bexte owns and operates the website and company known as TheCounterSignal. The renowned journalist has written on topics as diverse as Hong Kong and the White House.

The Twitter account @The RealKeean is frequently used by Bexte. The Journalist has over 258K followers as of this writing on Twitter. Over 21K people subscribe to Bexte’s YouTube channel, which he uses to publish news-related videos.

Similar to Keean, Keean’s Facebook profile has 8.2 Likes and 11.K followers. The well-known journalist said that he was an honest reporter.

Keean is a journalist with a Canadian background who hosts his show independently at TheCounterSignal, according to his YouTube page.

A Dutch flag is shown along with his name. Maybe Keean Bexte used it to help tens of thousands of Dutch farmers? A government proposal to restrict nitrogen emissions in The Hague has drawn opposition from farmers nationwide.

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What Is The Age Of Keean Bexte? His Wikipedia Page


A young, independent journalist named Keean Bexte. His news website is controlled entirely by him. Even though he is famous on other platforms like Instagram, Twitter, etc., he still doesn’t have a Wikipedia page.

Keean Bexte appears to be around his mid- to late-thirties. He resides in Calgary, Alberta, a city in Canada.

News articles, interviews, and details regarding the protests are on Keean Bexte’s Twitter page.

Some of the anti-Rutte demonstrators in Holland are flying Canadian flags. They assert a link between the Dutch and the independence movement.

TheCounterSignal has already sent journalist Keean Bexte $8,000 to take him to the Netherlands to cover the farmer demonstrations (Canadian dollars). Even at that time, Bexte launched a different website called DutchUprising.

Keean Bexte appears to have established a solid reputation by backing Dutch farmer protests.

Also, the well-known journalist has appeared on several TV programs and podcasts, including Timcast IRL, The Ingraham Angle, and Covidland (miniseries).

Keean Bexte earned a bachelor’s degree in natural sciences from the University of Calgary (Minor in Economics).

According to his LinkedIn page, Bexte worked as a research assistant and ministerial staff at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada before joining Rebel News Networks as a full-time video journalist in September 2018.

Keean left the Rebel News in March 2021 after two years and seven months of employment to launch his own business at TheCounterSignal.

According to a CBS story from August 2018, Keean was charged with endorsing an anti-feminist and alt-right film and reportedly trying to defame the Wild Rose Party within a student organization.

Keean Bexte’s support for getting rid of citizenship for kids born in Canada to non-citizen parents was also addressed in the study.

Did Keean Bexte Pubilc His Family Information?

Keean Bexte’s parents’ and other relatives’ names are being withheld.

His success as a respectable independent journalist must gratify his family. We might learn more about Keean Bexte’s private life in the coming days.

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