Turkey Earthquake: Cagdas Cankaya Wife And Family Background

Cagdas Cankaya
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Zilan Tigris, the wife of Kurulus Osman actor Cagdas Cankaya, also perished in the catastrophe. A 7.8-magnitude earthquake that hit Turkey, a neighboring country, has killed hundreds of people.

The production company verified that the remains were those of the actor and his wife when the rescue crew was looking for and rescuing the bodies of the deceased.

In the Turkish television series Kurulus, legendary actor Osman played a significant soldier at Konya Castle.

The earthquake has caused numerous potentially hazardous scenarios and significant issues for Turkey and Syria.

Recent revelations about the Turkish actor and his wife surprised him and the international media.

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Turkey Earthquake: Cagdas Cankaya’s Wife

Everyone was shocked by how quickly, and unpredictably natural disasters may alter our lives during the devastating earthquake. Not just those in Turkey and Syria were harmed; individuals worldwide were also.

The remains of Kurulus Osman, the protagonist of the Turkish television series, and Zilan Tigris, his adored wife and a gifted singer, were found by the cast and crew and were later proved dead.

The idea that they are no longer with us is upsetting because so many people admire them for their musical talent and charming personalities.

When the nine-story Sozel Apartment in Diyarbakr’s Yenishehir Office District collapsed, Cagdas and his wife perished in the debris.
The other descriptions, however, are not now accessible. Comprehensive changes, if any, will be covered in a subsequent post.

Detail On Cagdas Cankaya’s Family Background

At the time, Cankaya, a native of the Turkish region of Malatya, lived in Istanbul with his wife and family.

It has crushed their relatives and friends to learn of the passing of the well-known Turkish actor and his singing wife.

Only their immediate family and close friends who know them personally can access their social media sites.

Unlike other celebrities, the two used to shield their privacy and stay out of the spotlight.

We will talk about their families and siblings in a later article, if it is available.

Net Worth Of Cagdas Cankaya

Cagdas, a well-known actor, is estimated to be worth $1 million.

The potential that the deceased couple had extra assets or sources of income was not disclosed to the media.

His fans on Facebook and Instagram interested in acting are enthralled and in awe of his performances.

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