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Trevor May
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Trevor May’s wife, Kate, worked at Starbucks for six years. Since 2009, Trevor and Kate have been a couple.

UX/UI designer Kate graduated as valedictorian from the University of Washington two years before Trevor did. Her partner, whom Kate wed in 2016, is three years younger than her.

They share a lot of interests in common, including a love of video games and animals. Many baseball fans would even identify Trevor as a gamer baseball player given that the 33-year-old has already visited TwitchCon.

Two further recent additions to the Oakland Athletics roster are Jesus Aguilar and Chad Smith. Following some roster adjustments, the Athletics recently let go of their seasoned pitcher, Cole Irvin.

In the next season, the pitcher hopes to bounce back from an injury-plagued 2022 campaign.

Stats And A Contract For Trevor May

The Oakland Athletics and right-hander Trevor May have reached an agreement on a $7 million, one-year contract, the Associated Press reports.

May will be paid a $6 million salary as well as a $1 million signing bonus in November of the following year. In accordance with the agreement unveiled on Friday, he is eligible for performance bonuses totaling $500,000 if he wins 35, 40, 45, and 50 games, respectively.

He is eligible to collect $50,000 as MVP of the League Championship Series, $100,000 for the World Series, and $50,000 for a Gold Glove. He would win $100,000 as MVP, $75,000 for second place, and $50,000 for third.

To make room on the 40-man roster, Oakland designated outfielder Cody Thomas for assignment.

What Is The Profession Of Kate May?

The wife of Trevor May, Kate May, previously worked for Starbucks as the digital product manager.

Kate was reared in Seattle, Washington, by her parents Philip Borges and Karen Mooney, where she currently resides at 30. However, after their divorce, each of them has found new love. Kate’s younger sister Sarah Borgnes graduated from Washington State University with a degree in biochemistry.

Like Kate, her family is active on social media. Kate’s mother, Sarah, had shared various images on her Facebook page, including photos of the family on vacation and of Kate and her sister when they were younger.

Her father, Philip also seems to be a huge fan of manhole covers. On his Instagram account, he has uploaded a lot of pictures of different manhole covers. The old father, though, obviously loves his kids because he routinely posts pictures of his daughter and son-in-law on Facebook.

Kate earned a degree in informatics with a focus on human-computer interaction from the University of Washington in 2014. While attending the esteemed University, Kate always appeared on the Dean’s list due to her excellent academic standing.

After graduating from the University Kate worked as a system analyst for Starbucks. The two years she spent in this position before her 2016 promotion. She rose through the ranks in 2019 and was given the position of digital product manager.

She worked on their internal content in close collaboration with important Starbucks group partners and created an intuitive user experience for the multimillion-dollar company. But it seems like Kate decided to work for her husband’s company because she wanted a lot more control over her career.

Kate was IamTrevorMay Media’s chief operating officer for 10 months, however, she resigned from her position in early January of last year. Since then, Kate has not offered any updates on her professional life and seems to be taking a break.

Kate, a woman who appears to enjoy the present, uploads photos of her loved ones, pets, or both to her Instagram account.

Trevor May Dating Life And Relationship Timeline

Although one of their first internet pictures is from 2013, TrevorMay and Kate May started dating in 2009.

The two did not complete their degrees at the University of Washington, even though they may have met there. Trevor had already received his university degree three years prior to Kate’s arrival. However, the couple’s six-year marriage indicates that luck was on their side.

A few years later, when Instagram started to dominate people’s lives, Trevor shared a painting of himself and Kate did by their close buddy. Kate presented it to her partner as a birthday gift on his 24th birthday. It was also their first joint upload to the photo-sharing website.

The Major League Baseball pitcher kept sharing pictures of his date nights with his girlfriend, including ones from birthday parties and early-morning shopping excursions. While doing so, Trevor also recognized his girl’s birthday.

Trevor announced that he had proposed to Kate by getting down on one knee on July 14, 2015. While Kate displayed her diamond engagement ring, Steve tweeted a picture of the two huggings.

On his Facebook page, Philip, Kate’s father, also shared the fantastic news, congratulating Kate and wishing her all the best for her future with Trevor. Trevor got the proposal a year after making his MLB debut with the Minnesota Twins.

The newlyweds and their guests went boating on Lake Washington the day after their wedding to remember the occasion. For the 2015 Christmas family portrait, the young couple dressed as they would on their wedding day.

While Trevor looked worse for wear, Kate looked composed in a mock-up bridal gown, hinting at what the future might contain. Eight months before their wedding, Trevor and Kate had an engagement photo shoot at Rattlesnake Ridge Hiking Trail titled “Forever.”

In Fort Myers, Florida, in November 2016, Trevor May and Kate May exchanged vows in front of their family and friends.

Trevor indicated a photo of himself and Kate near to a train track as they were dressed for their weddings. Trevor has posted images from their wedding day over the years to honour them on their birthdays, anniversaries, and Valentine’s Days.

The day after their wedding, Kate and Trevor refused to let their eccentric, hilarious side prevail. Trevor kept updating his Instagram account with amusing pictures of Kate.

Baseball fans are well aware of Trevor’s standing in the gaming industry. In 2018, as Fortnite grew in popularity, Trevor posted several videos of himself playing the game. The videos may still be seen on his Instagram profile.

However, some individuals might know that Kate and Trevor have the same fondness for gaming. In 2017, he shared a photo of Kate focused on the action-adventure game Legends of Zelda.

Kate was seen holding the video game Gears of War 4 with one hand while indicating peace with the other a few months after that post. In the post’s caption, Trevor said that Kate had played Zelda for 150 hours and questioned what would happen next.

Dose Trevor May Show Love For Cat?

Before 2022, Trevor’s Instagram account featured pictures of the couple’s two cats, Donny and LC, as their faces. Even though they haven’t yet displayed the kittens in full development, the pair has now adopted two more kittens.

Donavan, sometimes known as Donny, was adopted by Trevor and Kate in 2020. Even better, under the handle @donnynothumbs, Kate and Trevor would tweet pictures of him dozing off in the strangest places, including occasionally inside their suitcase.

Donavan died in an accident in May 2022, and Kate announced the tragic news on her Instagram page. She shared several pictures of Donovan with his parents and an artwork in his honour.

Their other cat, LC, went away unexpectedly in August 2022, not long after Donavan. LC had grown up in Washington with Kate and was 15 years old. Kate came across LC along the road when she was 15 years old.

LC had the chance to relocate with Kate and go on four trips with her after her marriage to Trevor. As a memorial to her first pet, Kate posted a slideshow of images of LC and their small family.

Kate’s family has always had a passion for pets. Dogs are a favourite of her father’s, and he routinely shares photos of his pet on social media. Trevor expressed his desire to borrow Clyde, the family’s pet golden doodle, in 2018 by posting a photo of Kate with him.

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