Jessica Pimentel Boyfriend Tomas Haake Profession, Dating Life, And Previous Marriage

Jessica Pimentel
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Tomas Haake, who is in a relationship with Jessica Pimentel, is a drummer for the metal band Meshuggah. Tomas joined the group in 1989.

The American performer and actor sings lead and backing vocals for the bands Brujeria and Alekhine’s Gun.

In the 2008 film Pride & Glory, Pimentel portrayed Angelique Dominguez, following a series of lesser appearances.

In 2014, she portrayed Floyd in four episodes of Person of Interest.

Tomas is the metal band’s drummer and collaborates with the Swedish musician Meshuggah. In 2012, “Modern Metal” ranked Haake as the sixth finest drummer due to his talent.

Pimentel’s major break came in 2013 when she was cast as Maria Ruiz in the Netflix comedy-drama “Orange Is the New Black.”

Throughout the series’ first four seasons, Pimentel was credited as a guest star. He became a regular cast member in Season 5.

Jessica Pimentel’s Boyfriend Tomas Haake Profession

The man who Jessica Pimentel is dating. Tomas Haake is a songwriter and musician. Tomas Haake and Jessica Pimentel have been together since 2013.

Additionally, he supplied spoken vocals to the tracks “Futile Bread Machine” and “Fredrik Thordendal” from Meshuggah’s solo album Sol Niger Within.

Since Meshuggah’s formation in 1989, the drummer has been a member of the band. He performed on all of their albums, including the innovative “Destroy Erase Improve” and “Nothing.”

He is a well-known drummer because to the uncommon time signatures and polyrhythms he employs and his machine-like precision.

Some of Meshuggah’s most well-known tracks, like “Bleed” and “New Millennium Cyanide Christ,” contain his lyrics.

Haake identifies progressive rock, heavy metal, and jazz fusion musicians as his primary influences.

Rush from Canada, Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax, Testament, and Metal Church from the United States, Iron Maiden and Sabbath from the United Kingdom have all utilized his music and voice.

He was also ranked among Rolling Stone’s top 100 drummers of all time.

Phil Rudd, Vinnie Appice, and Bill Ward, the drummers for AC/DC, are his favorites.

Jessica Pimentel And Tomas Haake’s Dating Life

Since 2008, Jessica Pimentel has been dating Tomas Haake.

It was during the promotion of his band’s eighth studio album that they first disclosed their connection to the media. They claimed to have been dating for nearly two years.

She told Rolling Stone that he was certain they were dating, and she couldn’t deny it because of all he had done to bring them together.

She stated that Tomas’ family still refers to her as his wife, although they are not officially married. She also views the fact that her boyfriend’s family likes her and wants her to join them as a blessing.

She met Tomas due to her affinity for solid music.

Jessica, the lead vocalist for Alekhine’s Gun, has always been a fan of metal, which is how she met Haake.

When they first began dating, he was unaware that Jessica was a cast member of the show. The only thing they shared was a music appreciation.

In an interview with Loudwire, he stated that he was startled to see everything precisely where he would have placed it when he first visited her home.

Did Tomas Have Marry Previously?

Ida Evileye is a member of Crucified Barbara, a Swedish band. She was formerly wed to Tomas Haake. In 2011, Tomas and Ida were married in Las Vegas, Nevada.

However, they decided to live separately after splitting and divorcing in 2013 and 2014.

In 1998, when Crucified Barbara’s band was formed, punk rock was its primary genre. Suddenly, though, this changed.

They secured a contract with the GMR Music Group in Stockholm in 2003.

Their songs were recorded at Pama Studios/Blakk Records in Kristianapel, Sweden, by Mankan Seidenberg, a producer and engineer.

However, Tomas has moved on and is now seeing Jessica Pimentel. Therefore, they are no longer a couple.

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