Tom Sizemore Cancer, Health Update, Parents And Family

Tom Sizemore
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Fans are eager to learn more about Tom Sizemore’s cancer. He is hospitalized in the intensive care unit and is in critical condition.

Tom Sizemore is a well-known American actor who has established himself in Hollywood because to his outstanding acting abilities.

His credits include the films Fourth of July and Harley Davidson. Audiences have been astounded by his other iconic supporting appearances in blockbuster films like Pearl Harbor, Strange Days, Red Planet, Saving Private Ryan, and True Romance.

The American actor also portrayed “Bat Masterson” in the 1994 Wyatt Earp biopic starring Kevon Costner. His other notable performance was as Detective Jack Scagnetti in the 1994 film Natural Born Killers.

Cancer: What Happened To Tom Sizemore?

Tom, a well-known American actor, was recently admitted to the hospital due to a serious health problem. He experienced a cerebral aneurysm on February 18, 2023, which was a serious setback for his health.

Sizemore was at his home in Los Angeles when he suddenly lost consciousness in the early morning, according to his manager Charles Lago.

His admirers, as well as the entire entertainment business, were horrified by this news.

Sizemore has unfortunately experienced health crises before. Since he was barely 15 years old, he was already involved in narcotics and had battled drug addiction.

Update on Tom Sizemore’s health

Tom Sizemore
Source: Variety

Tom had a brain aneurysm and is currently unconscious. In critical condition, he is in a “wait and see” situation.

Tom’s career has been affected by both addiction and legal issues. He has a history of drug abuse and some legal issues.

Tom received a term for assaulting his girlfriend Heidi Fleiss at home in 2003. He received a seven-month jail sentence.

Sizemore was given a 36-month short probation sentence, 30 days of community service, and a year in a domestic violence program after being accused of abusing his spouse in February 2017.

His legal issues unfortunately didn’t end there. He was arrested in Burbank, California, in January 2019 on a misdemeanor charge involving several different kinds of illegal drugs.

Tom Sizemore’s Parents And Family

Tom Sizemore comes from a multiethnic family; on his mother’s side, he has French and Native American roots.

Tom’s mother, Judith, worked in government and was a member of the Detroit Ombudsman’s staff. Tom’s father, Thomas Edward Sizemore Sr., was a philosophy professor and attorney.

Moreover, Tom has three brothers: Paul Sizemore, Charlie Sizemore, and writer Aaron Sizemore.

He wed American actress Maeve Quinlan in 1996, but sadly their union wasn’t long-lasting. In 1999, they divorced.

Sizemore’s alleged drug addiction was the primary factor in their breakup. From a prior relationship with Janelle McIntire, Tom had two boys, Jagger and Jayden Sizemore.

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