TEDx Speaker: Nina Aouilk Wikipedia Bio, Age, Salary And Net Worth In 2023

Nina Aouilk
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Currently, Nina Aouilk has a Wikipedia page. The life coach has recently gained attention since she shared her early experiences in the TEDx program.

Motivational speaker Nina Aouilk uses her social media channels to raise awareness of a variety of issues, including child abuse, human trafficking, gender-based violence, and others.

Excellent communicator and educator, the speaker. She has also taken part in the TEDx program, which encourages discussion of the most recent local research and the discovery of fresh concepts to spark dialogue in local communities.

The public speaker talks about her fight against gender inequality and honor killings in her TED Talk 2021.

Also, the renowned life coach instructs her audience on how to formulate and deliver speeches, make an impression, and use their voice to cut through the noise and disruption of the workplace and public spaces.

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TEDx Speaker: Nina Aouilk Wikipedia And Bio

Nina is a well-known author and life coach from London. She speaks Punjabi fluently and comes from an Indian background.

Even though she is famous on other platforms like Instagram, Twitter, etc., she has still not been mentioned in Wikipedia.

At 17, the public speaker entered into an arranged marriage; nevertheless, at age 21, she fled away to her parents.

Her father, a member of a brown family, believed that ending a marriage was disgraceful and brought the family’s reputation into disrepute.

The activist has expertise helping individuals attain their maximum potential and be their best selves through life coaching.

The TEDx Speaker served as a director of NIM Communications Limited in 1996. In 2018, she later worked for My Nina Financial Services as a cryptocurrency trader and coach.

Also, the author has been sharing a ton of knowledge about public speaking, confidence, and development with her social media followers.

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Info On Age Of Nina Aouilk

According to Trendy Hip Hop, Nina Aouilk was born in 1969 and is currently 54 years old. She was born in the UK and reared there.

Because, as she claimed in the TEDx program, her family rejected her after she left her abusive arranged marriage, the speaker had no contact with them.

The childhood of this now-successful motivational speaker was awful since she suffered from mental and sexual abuse in addition to physical violence. For a rape case, the author’s father was imprisoned in 2015.

Also, Nina has been educating people about abuses like honor killing and other forms of violence so that the next generation won’t experience what she did.

Salary And Net Worth Of Nina Aouilk

As the public speaker has been employed since her late 20s, her estimated net worth is around $5 million.

The author also speaks at TEDx events and as a paid keynote speaker. She has been offering a public speaking course online.

Worldwide acclaim for the author as London’s life coach, who offers performance mindsets and business strategies to C-suite executives, elite athletes, and world champion boxers.

The activist’s podcast is available on Spotify as well. She has also worked with podcasters and YouTubers. Nina has appeared as a guest on numerous public speaking stages.

In addition, the best-selling book Master Your Life was written by the motivational speaker. You can buy Living the Life of Your Dreams on Amazon.

The speaker is a co-founder of Stop Honour Killings Org, a nonprofit that supports those who have experienced gender-based abuse and forced arranged weddings.

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