Taylor Dupriest From Kid Nation Whereabouts In 2023, Husband And Married Life

Taylor Dupriest
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Taylor Dupriest used to be in the band Kid Nation. He now works for Innovative Therapy Concepts. Taylor is married to a man whose name is Samuel Youngblood.

In 2005, the model was named Miss Georgia Sweetheart and was inducted into the Junior Miss Georgia Forestry Hall of Fame.

She has also made a number of prints and has been on the Disney Channel show Show Your Stuff.

On the TV show Kids Nation, she was one of 40 kids who were expected to get along without much help from adults.

Everyone who saw the episode remembered DuPriest because of her catchphrase “Deal with it!” and how lazy she was.

Jonathan Karsh is the host of the American reality TV show Kid Nation, which debuted on the CBS network on September 19, 2007.

The show was supposed to start airing in the middle of 2007.

Taylor Dupriest From Kid Nation? Where Is She 2023

Taylor Dupriest used to be in the band Kid Nation. He is now a licensed counselor. Taylor lives in Sylvester, Georgia, right now.

Her LinkedIn profile says that she works as an occupational therapist at Innovative Therapy Concepts.

She helps people who have trouble doing everyday things because of their physical, developmental, emotional, or mental health.

She also went to Georgia Southern University and got her degree from that school.

A dupree’s job is different from physical therapy or nursing because they treat the whole person. Normal therapy is treatment for a physical problem, sickness, or injury.

She was on the CBS show Kid Nation in the past.

She was one of forty kids in the town who, with little help from adults, tried to make a government and a town that worked.

Taylor Dupriest’s Husband, Samuel Youngblood, Married Life

On March 19, 2022, Taylor Dupriest and Samuel Youngblood got married. They’ve been together since 2014, and they’re both happy.

Gin Creek Plantation was a beautiful place for the wedding, and all of the couple’s close friends and family were there.

She also put pictures of her wedding on Instagram and wrote, “Life is fun with him.”

She also showed a short video of the event, showing everyone had a good time at the wedding.

In another image, she wrote that she likes rap battles with him where they both use the mic.

She had seven bridesmaids who all wore the same color, according to the wedding website the knot. Her sister Hannah DuPriest was the maid of honor.

Samuel Dupriest, who is married to Taylor Ann, works as a farmer. On his farm, he takes care of cattle.

Images of his tractors in the field and with animals are all over his Facebook page. This shows how much he loves farming and animals.

When he’s not working, he likes to be outside and spend time with his wife.

Role Of Taylor Dupriest On Kid Nation

Taylor Dupriest was the Kid Nation representative for the town of Sylvester, Georgia.

She started on the show as a town council member when she was 10 years old. She has kicked off the council when Zach won the first vote to replace her with a 4–5 vote.

Dupriest was portrayed as a lazy kid, but as a councilwoman, she showed by her lack of leadership and behavior that people in her district didn’t have to do housework. The show made people feel bad about what they thought of her.

After the play, she realized that she had done many bad things during that time.

She even said in an interview that the producers told her to say things on TV that would hurt her reputation.

One of her viewers wrote on her IMDB that she was just a kid and that CBS had been unfair to her. This little girl has more love in her heart than most grown-ups.

She used to be the bad guy on a reality show, but now that she has a college degree, she is trying to improve her life and how people see her.

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