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SteVonté Hart
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The parents of SteVonté Hart, Yolanda and Stephen Hart live in Houston. SteVonté grew up with his sister Stevee and her child Sevrin.

The most prominent role for American actor SteVonté is that of Tray Melbert in Peacock’s 2022 adaptation of “Bel-Air.” He started performing when he was just eight years old, in 2009.

But he first became well-known for his depiction as KJ in the third season of the TV show “Queen Sugar”. He would also play Connor in the upcoming movie “Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings.”

His most outstanding performance before to Bel-Air was as Brian Harlins in the television miniseries “Little Fires Everywhere,” which was based on the same-titled novel.

21-year-old SteVonté was born on October 5, 2001. He has more than 10.6K Instagram followers, which has given him a lot of influence.

SteVonté Hart’s Family

The parents of SteVonté Hart, Yolanda and Stephen Hart, reside in Houston. SteVonté started acting when he was eight, and his family was the most prominent supporter.

The young actor might be more active on social media, so there isn’t much to learn about his family from his page. Most of the Hart family members seem to stay away from social media.

The only apparent exception appears to be Yolanda, the mother of SteVonté. Yolanda is active on Instagram and has a Twitter account. Fans can follow SteVonté’s career from the start to the present on her Instagram.

The actor’s mother proudly uploaded pictures of his acting ventures on social media. It’s possible to mistake her Instagram page for a fan page.

However, she doesn’t always post about her son. Yolanda is another well-known and active African-American woman. The nation’s scourge of senseless homicides, police brutality, and African Americans’ rights are all topics she frequently touches on.

Her spouse Stephen, who is not active on any social networking sites, is even more private than SteVonté. The fact that he frequently appears on Yolanda’s blogs shows how much his loved ones cherish him.

On the other hand, although it is set to private, SteVonté’s sister does have an Instagram account. She changed her name to SteVonté Felice once she got married.

Even though Stevee’s husband is a mystery, she has a child named Sevrin, who has her own Instagram page. Sevrin was born in April of last year.

How Old Is SteVonté Hart? His Age

20-year-old SteVonté Hart was born in 2001, the year of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

On October 5 in Houston, Texas, his parents held him for the first time. There is nothing to view on Hart’s parents. Regarding his upbringing, he has been reticent.

He started performing when he was about eight years old. He was chosen for his first professional part in the 2009 film Mississippi Damned as Little Sammy.

For six years, he battled to find any meaningful possibilities. He was chosen for his subsequent role in the background-visible short film when he was 14.

Who Is SteVonté Hart Girlfriend?

SteVonté Hart doesn’t appear to be dating anyone right now. Strangely, he is not married. The actress, age 20, is devoted to pursuing a career in acting.

He has never been found out on a date. He did, however, portray Brian, Lexie Richardson’s lover, in the film “Little Fires Everywhere.”

His Instagram username is @stevontehart. Hart shares details about his current and upcoming projects and personal information with his 8.1K Instagram followers.

On June 8, 2018, he released his first photo of himself dressed as Queen Sugar. SteVonté portrays Tray Melbert in Bel-Air.

The most significant performance by SteVonté was as Tray Melbert in Bel Air. Tray and Will, the star of Bel-Air, are close friends.

In Peacock’s Bel-Air, the 1990s comedy “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” is being revived. The show’s first season, from 1990 to 1996, starred the well-known actor Will Smith.

The original was a lighthearted sitcom that was usually touching and cheerful. On the other hand, the show’s adaption in the present, Peacock’s Bel-Air, is darker.

The protagonist, The fundamental idea of the new program, darker than the original, is that Will moves from Philadelphia to a mansion in Bel-Air to escape gang violence.

Such a sad portrayal includes SteVonté’s characterisation of Tray Melbert. Will’s best friend Tray is from Philadelphia, and unlike Will, he cannot escape street violence by moving to a new location and starting over.

Will pulls a revolver on a local drug dealer named Rashad Denton after engaging him and his friends in combat and fires a few shots to save Tray’s life. Fortunately, nothing happened since the police showed up there right away.

SteVonté Hart Wikipedia

SteVonté Hart, an American actor, still needs to be included in Wikipedia. He will play Tray Melbert, a character in the TV series Bel-Air in 2022.

SteVonté Hart works with people like Olly Sholotan, Jimmy Akingbola, Cassandra Freeman, and others. Between 2018 and 2019, he appeared in 12 episodes of Queen Sugar.

He has received training in method acting, film/TV acting, the TSAW Acting Workshop, monologue acting, and scene study/character development, in addition to other activities.

He also has musical talent, and in addition to playing the piano, he can sing and play the saxophone. He made three brief film appearances between 2015 and 2019. He appeared as KJ in 12 episodes of Queen Sugar from 2018 to 2019.

He then won the role of JoJo in Li’l Mayne and the Knuckleheads in 2019.

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