Twitch Streamer: Sidneuke Real Name, Age And Car Accident Update

Twitch Streamer: Sidneuke
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Twitch banned broadcaster Sidneuke after she hit a pet with her car while broadcasting. Sidneuke, a Polish Twitch streamer, mainly converses with viewers.

She has nevertheless participated in live games of Tomb Rider and League of Legends. On Twitch, the Polish streamer has about 7K followers.

A dog was struck by the Polish influencer’s car due to her careless driving, notably using her phone while driving, which led to her suspension from the Purple Platform.

Because of what happened on February 17, 2023, the Polish influencer has been banned from Twitch and has probably gotten some negative comments.

Twitch Streamer: What Is Sidneuke Real Name?

The Polish streamer Sidneuke, whose videos have gone viral, hasn’t said her real name, possibly to protect her privacy.

With more than 100 followers added in the previous week, Sidneuke now has about 7K Twitch followers.

The streamer usually talks to her viewers, but she has also played games like League of Legends and Tomb Rider during her live broadcasts.

Sidneuke Accident Update And Ban

On February 17, 2023, something happened that has caused debate on social media.

In a video clip from the stream of Sidneuke that was made public by the Twitter account @thepolandnews_, she can be seen driving next to and checking her phone’s chats.

As seen in the video, she was negligent and struck a dog with her car just moments after realizing there were other dogs on the road.

As a result, the streamer has come under fire from her fans, who have accused her of reckless driving and animal abuse.

How the streamer will respond to the events that occurred and the criticism she has gotten is still being determined. It is also unknown whether Twitch will permanently ban the streamer or only suspend her.

How Old Is Sidneuke? Her Age

The Twitch streamer hasn’t made any mention of her age. This topic may be particularly sensitive because it may change a person’s worldview.

This suggests that social media streamers frequently omit identifying information like their address or age for their own protection and the worth of the views they communicate online.

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