Sexual Assault: Why Was Patrick Nazarian Arrested? His Jail Sentence

Patrick Nazarian

Patrick Nazarian’s arrest has been making headlines across the country because of the numerous sexual assaults that have occurred on the Burbank High School campus.

Patrick Nazarian, 22, was detained on Tuesday following claims that he had raped three female pupils on the Burbank High School campus.

Patrick, a resident of Glendale, is accused by Burbank police of breaking into the school on Monday through an unsecured door in the student parking lot.

How the Nazarian entered the educational facility while evading detection by campus security is still a mystery.

The internet doesn’t have a lot of information about Patrick Nazarian’s arrest. But, as the investigation goes further, more details about the assault might become known.

The Burbank Police Department’s Domestic and Family Crimes Unit asks anyone with information to contact them at (818) 238-3210 as the investigation is ongoing.

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Sexual Assault: Why Was Patrick Nazarian Arrested?

The media quickly broke the news of Patrick Nazarian’s arrest, piqued viewers’ attention.

A man was arrested on Monday, March 6 at around 8:30 am when it was discovered that he had entered the campus and was pacing.

A source said that the man tried to lure one of the women into an elevator next to the parking garage after groping some girls on their upper bodies while on campus.

According to a Burbank Police Department statement, a 14-year-old girl told police she was approached by a man she didn’t know while using the lavatory on campus.

After a brief argument and a sexual assault, the perpetrator, Patrick, left the lavatory before being apprehended by school personnel.

Before the cops showed up on campus, the school staff managed to keep him under control.

Nazarian was found to be in possession of condoms after being brought into custody by school personnel, and it appeared as though he may have been under the influence of drugs.

When Burbank police responded promptly to the scene to arrest the man, detectives were dispatched to question the instructors and students.

Police were apparently informed by two further female students, 14 and 17, that the suspect had “inappropriately touched” them.

Is Patrick Nazarian In Jail?

In response to the horrible events on the Burbank High School campus, police have taken Patrick Nazarina into custody and are holding him for arrest.

Following his capture and accusation of kidnapping, a felony, and sexual assault, Mr. Nazarian is currently being held in detention. On March 8, 2023, he must appear in court.

Authorities claim that when students were present at this institution for the day, he accessed the campus through a door that was left open in the student parking lot.

After the incident, the campus of Burbank High School emailed all parents to let them know that a trespasser had been discovered, police had detained the suspect, the campus was secure, and they were working with Burbank police to keep it that way.

Caretaker Matt Hill claims that the Burbank Unified School District takes this incident seriously and will provide the authorities with any assistance they need throughout their investigation.

The university administration has also committed to conducting an internal investigation of the problem.

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