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Rollie Baddies
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Wealthy Rollie Baddies South has $500,000 to his name. Rollie is successful because of his status as a reality TV personality and influencer.

She takes part in the reality show Badddies South, where contestants experience the South from the comfort of a luxury tour bus.

The episode follows nine successful women who host and perform at the hottest nightclubs and parties.

She appreciates the show’s viewers for giving her the title of Queen. In real life, she goes by the name Gia Mayham.

Fans adore her outgoing personality and self-assurance despite the sometimes divisive nature of the show on which she appears.

Rollie Baddies Income Sources

Rollie Pollie began his career as a TV host, but he soon found success as a singer and online celebrity.

1. Singer

When Rollie shared “Savage” by Gia Mayham on her YouTube account on December 20, 2022, it rapidly became viral.

It’s true that she only makes a modest amount of money from her YouTube music uploads, but that sum adds up over time.

Because singing is one of her sources of income, she has access to a wealth of additional musical options thanks to the YouTube channel Various Artists-Topic.

You may listen to three of her songs—Savage, Shug Avery, and Baddie—on Apple Music.

Her singles Baddie and Savage came out on November 20, 2022, and were met with praise and sparked lively conversation online.

2. Social Media

RolliePolieSnackMealz has risen to the top of the TikTok stardom ladder, amassing over 18K followers.

She constantly shares highlight reels and TikToks including her suggestions. To the tune of “HoneyComb – Poyzen Ivy,” she has one of the most popular dance routines on TikTok.

True fans of Rollie have signed up for her channel on YouTube. While she does generate a modest income from YouTube, she doesn’t spend a lot of time there.

She charges $40 for a promoted Instagram post and $25 for a promoted TikTok story.

3. Tv Shows

Baddies South and One Mo’ Chance are just two shows where her acting skills have been used.

These shows marked the beginning of the public’s recognition of her rising stardom.

Many lauded her demeanor and handling of the matter, and some even expressed a desire for her to have her own television program.

Salary And Earning Of Rollie Baddies

The show centers on a gang of nine villains who reside in a mansion.

It also provides insight into the luxurious lifestyles and high incomes enjoyed by women of means in a variety of fields.

Chrisean Rock Malone, a cast member and Instagram sensation, has amassed a $8 million fortune.

Blueface’s establishment of The Blue Girls Club, in which she was dubbed “First Lady of Blueface LLC,” catapulted her to stardom.

Competitor Natalie Nunn is a model and business owner.

Because of her many successful businesses and investments, she now has a net worth of roughly $500,000.

She shares the good fortune of the other participants, including Ellidria Griffin, Anne Moore, Briana Walker, and Sidney Starr.

Given that most of them are either models or want tobe singers, fame and fortune are inevitable for them all.

Estimated Networth Of Rollie Baddies

Rollie Baddies South is an influential television personality who has amassed a net worth of $500,000 to date. Rollie plays a regular on the Zeus Network show Baddies South.

Initially, she was seen in the pilot episode of One Mo’ Chance. Her fame began with how she looked on the outside.

Season 2 saw Gia Mayham, aka Rollie Pollie Snacks Meals, given a job, but she turned it down rather than change careers.

Since then, Rollie’s career in music and business have both flourished. She’s been working with different musicians and singers to pen rap tracks.

Appearing on the new Zeus show has brought her fame, riches, and opportunities to network with other powerful women.

She must have personal business in Dubai because she has referenced it while conducting business elsewhere.

In 2021, Apple Music released Shug Avery, Rollie Pollie Baddies South’s first single.

Her continued success in a number of different areas of the entertainment industry guarantees that her wealth will continue to grow.

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