Who Is Rochenda Sandall’s Partner? Her Relationship And Parents

Rochenda Sandall
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Mark Stanley, who plays Thorn in The Game of Thornes, is Rochenda Sandall’s partner. Mark and Rochenda have been dating since 2008.

Rochenda, a British actress, was born in Grimsby in 1988 and raised in Groxhill. Her roles in Criminal: UK, Little Axe, and Line of Duty brought her popularity (all released in 2019). (2019).

Sandall was granted a certificate from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. She thereafter started taking part in several theater productions.

In addition to Love, Lies and Records, Doctors, Coronation Street, Broken, and Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, the actress has appeared in various TV shows. In 2020, her performance in “The Outside Dog” got a prize for best theater production.

Rochenda is active on social media as @RochendaSandall on Twitter and @rochenda1 on Instagram in addition to performing.

She currently has 6440 Instagram followers and 8848 followers on Twitter.

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Who Is Rochenda Sandall’s Partner?

The boyfriend of English actress Rochenda Sandall is well-known actor Mark Stanley. Mark was born in Leeds on April 29, 1988.

Fans recognize Mark from his roles in the BBC series Happy Valley, Dickensian, and Game of Thrones.

At Prince Henry’s Grammar School and Allerton High School Stanley, where he also studied acting, he completed high school. Stanley earned his degree from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

In the 2011 television season of the HBO drama Game of Thrones, Mark made his acting debut. Later in 2012, he joined Air Aces and played Douglas Bader.

The actor then played Bill Sikes for a year in the Dickensian series. Some of his most well-known movies and TV shows include Star Wars and Game of Thrones.

In 2020, he appeared in Sulphur and White, his final acting role to date, and both fans and critics praised him for the role of David Tait. The actor didn’t reprise his role in any further films after that.

Among other works, he just released Anne Boleyn in 2021, The Bay in 2021, Trigger Point in 2022, and Happy Valley in 2023. His role as Rob Hepworth in Happy Valley made him famous.

Yet, he claims to be an actor, a dog lover, and a blag artist on his Instagram, where he goes by the handle @markstanley2020. The 7723 followers and blue check mark on Mark’s Instagram account show that it has been verified.

Stanley and Rochenda, the pair that starred together in Criminal: UK, are now blissfully wed. He was seen with his soul love in the Criminal: UK production’s backstage area.

Rochenda Sandall And Her Partner Mark Stanley Relationship Timeline

Source: instagram

The couple has reportedly been together for around 14 years. They started dating in 2008.

Few people are aware of the couple’s long-term relationship because they have kept it a secret. Let’s delve deeper into them and the history of their connection.

Mike and his fiancée, who have been dating for more than ten years, reside in North London with their dog. They are an engaged pair both on and off the television.

The couple kept their relationship a secret from the public, but on December 16, 2020, Mark uploaded an Instagram photo of himself and his wife, which was taken on May 25, 2008.

On March 5, 2020, Mike and his love attended a wedding, as he stated in an Instagram post. Mark published an image from their crazy reception at the wedding.

At the formal launch of “The Rig,” the two were seen together. On October 7, 2020, Mark sent a snapshot to Instagram expressing his partner’s excitement for the “iff20” debut and their chance to watch Mangrove together.

The English actor and his girlfriend Rochenda were pictured together at a charity event on November 9, 2021. He continued by saying it was an honor to help raise money for such a vital social cause.

On May 29, 2022, Rochenda published a picture of her and Mark having a good time on a boating weekend as part of Mark’s belated birthday celebration. They can be seen spending amazing times with Mark’s siblings.

Rochenda Sandall’s Parents: Her Father And Mother Name Is Still Not Public

At Goxill, Grimsby, Simon and Karen Sandall reared Rochenda Sandall and her two siblings. She is the senior citizen of the family.

Rochenda’s parents raised their children in the peaceful village of Grimsby where they resided.

Sandall was the son of Simon Percy and Karen. Although though the actress has a British passport, she is of mixed ancestry.

Every year for her birthday, Rochenda loves a family get-together.

Her father, Simon, served the country as a British police constable. He worked as a music teacher in a school before joining the British Police.

Her mother, Karen, had worked as a primary school instructor. Her mother was a police officer and her father was a teacher, thus she comes from better stock.

Rochenda’s parents supported her in all area of her life, whether it was helping her find the best schools or helping her pursue her job aspirations.

Thanks to the discipline she gained from her parents, she is today leading a peaceful life with her spouse, family, and friends.

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