Rhys Bonner Death Cause, Funeral, Killer Update, And Family

Rhys Bonner
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Even now, three years later, people are curious about “What Happened To Rhys Bonner?” after discovering the body of a 19-year-old kid whose cause of death is unknown.

Celtic supporter Rhys vanished on July 24 from Barlanark, Glasgow, without taking any of his belongings with him.

Precisely 24 hours after he vanished, his mother Stephanie Bonner notified authorities that he was missing.

The young man had a date that day, and he went. However, he intended to return home to watch the Celtics play football. However, he never came back.

After wandering for almost two weeks and three kilometers, his body was found in a swamp. But his mother didn’t think her son had been murdered, and the police couldn’t find enough evidence to file charges.

Knowing that Rhys had no business being there, Stephanie Bonner requested a full investigation by the police.

Rhys Bonner Death Cause: How Did He Die?

Badly decayed and half-submerged, Rhys’s body was found in a swamp between Easter House and Gartlock Village two weeks after he went missing. His wardrobe is missing a key piece.

Since the body had been underwater for some time, the officer stated, postmortem results were inconclusive.

His response didn’t convince his mum because he’d never been to a park like that before.

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Witnesses reported seeing the 19-year-old male and an older female patron enter the establishment together.

The neighborhood of Gartloch Village, which is close to the city center yet appears to be snuggled in a semi-rural sweep of green on a map, was where a witness allegedly sighted them. The community is comprised of modern, red-brick residences on Blacader Drive.

A 28-year-old man’s body was discovered in a canal just two days before the kid went missing, and his family shared Rhys’s belief that his death was not accidental.

Even though his mother insisted he had never had any drug or alcohol use in his life, a toxicology testing showed otherwise.

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Wh Is The Killer Of Rhys Bonner? Funeral Update

Donna Drummond is responsible for the death of Rhys Bonner. The woman, who looked to be around 45 years old, donned a trendy short cut.

Surveillance footage from Balcurive Road in Provanhall shows that she and Booner were last seen together.

Locals have developed a general distrust of the woman due to her history with the police.

Although she was once the prime suspect, the lack of solid evidence led to no charges being filed against her.

The suspect is currently missing. Family members of the victim suspected foul play in their son’s untimely death due to problems in the investigation.

Rhys Bonner’s Family Still Hoping For Justice

Bonner’s relatives are still trying to get compensation for their loss. According to The Scottish Sun, her other children are grieving the loss of their sibling.

Rhys was one of Stephanie’s six kids but sadly passed away. The family is determined to find proof of outside participation to disprove the drug use theory of their child’s death.

While the police have cooperated, the victim’s loved ones are unhappy that they have not been informed of the body’s whereabouts.

The community has also formed a Facebook group with the hashtag #JUSTICEFORRHYS. It appears that the family’s neighbors have been supportive of their efforts to find answers.

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