Was Rapper Winky D Arrested? His Age, Wikipedia And Biography

Rapper Winky D
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The well-known rapper and artist Winky D was violently arrested by Zimbabwean police.

The popular Zimbabwean reggae-dancehall performer Winky D is also known as “The Big Man.”

Winky, a brilliant and well-known figure in the Zimdancehall music industry, is also regarded as the founder of the genre.

In the same way, Winky D is well-known for being a talented contemporary Zimbabwean musician. Also, he took part as an artist at the 2009 Southern Africa Music Airwaves (SAMA) Festival.

Furthermore, Winky D, Trevor Hall, and Belemnite Zimunya delivered the Rockers Vibes show. Winky began his musical career with the help of Bartholomew Vera of Blacklab Studios.

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Was Rapper Winky D Arrested?

Many questions have been raised in relation to Winky D’s detention and the interrogation of his supporters. No, Winky D hasn’t been taken into custody or reported as having been taken into custody by the police.

News of the musician’s detention spread following his most recent live performance following the release of his contentious album Eureka.

At the show, he made an attempt to sing iBotso, his most recent single. ZRP members attacked the stage, setting off a string of violent clashes that enraged the audience.

After afterwards, shortly after 10 o’clock, police officers surrounded the famous person before dragging him from the stage.

Some questioned whether the reason he was being detained. Despite this, the authority has not released any statements regarding his arrest.

Who Attacked Rapper Winky D ?

Rapper Winky D
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Regarding his detention, Winky D has been mentioned in the media quite a bit. The rapper was recently forcibly taken from the stage by police while giving a performance on Saturday in Chitungwiza.

The incident upset his followers because it wasn’t suitable for a public area. Winky D was reportedly dragged off stage just after 10 o’clock after being surrounded by plainclothes police.

The rapper was playing on stage with other well-known performers at the time, and thousands of spectators saw the incident.

The newsmaker claimed that Wicky D’s song had previously been outlawed because it was viewed as being anti-government. Similar to this, the majority of his songs encourage hostility between him and the government of Harare.

Winky D believes that he can change the situation and the wrong agenda by using music.

Rapper Winky D Age, Wikipedia And Biography

Winky D is a well-known rapper and artist. He turned 40 this year after being born on February 1st, 1983. Similar to this, he was born and raised in Kambuzuma, Harare, Zimbabwe.

Trevor not only sings but also composes music. The musician attended basic and high schools in Harare. And as he got older, he started doing different things.

Unfortunately, we still don’t know much about his parents, and at the moment, he isn’t very expressive while discussing his family.

With the release of songs like “Dead Inna War” and “Rasta,” which were associated with his innovative theatrical antics, Winky D started his professional career at a young age.

For more updates, we may follow him on Instagram, where he has more than 290k followers and regularly posts under the username @winkyddibigman.

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