Rapper Superstar Pride Age, Wikipedia, Real Name, Birthplace, Parents And Haircut

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Superstar Pride, a rising rapper with over 5 million Spotify subscribers, provides a biography.

Despite only having three singles and one EP to his name, Superstar Pride is off to a great start. Yet, the rapper’s debut independent EP, 5Lbs of Pressure, was only made available five months ago.

The rapper has already topped 5 million listens and debuted on the Billboard rankings. Superstar’s EP song “Painting Pictures” debuted at position 99 on the Top 100, 16, on the Hot Rap Songs chart, and 38 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs list.

Despite his immediate success, the rapper is not well-known.

Here are details on Superstar Pride’s age, family, full name, and place of residence.

Age And Wikipedia Of Rapper Superstar Pride

Superstar Pride is 20 years old. The rapper was born on May 15, 2002. Although he is famous on another platform he has not been mentioned in Wikipedia yet.

Even though he is only 20 years old, the rapper has already started down the path to professional success. Pride has also benefited significantly from social media in pursuing stardom at his advanced age.

The rapper first found success on TikTok, where he has over 4.5 million likes and over 236.3K followers. With less than a year’s worth of experience, he knows how to use the platform well and how to engage with his audience and garner a loyal following.

Despite his youth, Superstar already exhibits the appearance and temperament of the successful rapper he seems destined to be.

Real Name Revealed Of Rapper Superstar Pride

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Superstar Pride’s real name is Cadarrius Pride. Excellent Fortune is the rapper’s stage name.

With the success he has already started to experience only a few months after making his debut, the rapper seems to be living up to his name. The name was first employed in the 12th century by a nobleman in Hungary.

His Superstar Pride hairdo and his singing contributed to his popularity.

The rapper’s hair is cut short and fashioned in waves in the front, while the back has grown out just a little bit, but not enough to be pulled back into a ponytail. When he first began posting videos on TikTok, people were immediately captivated by his hair, and how he styled it played a big part.

The rapper has now earned a place in the elite group of artists like The Weeknd and Kodak Black, who first gained notoriety and aroused public interest through their eye-catching and interesting hair.

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What Is The Birthplace Of Superstar Pride

Rapper Superstar Pride is a native of Sardis, Mississippi. The rapper attended North Panola High School.

The rapper participated in basketball and American football while still in high school, where he was very active in sports. In basketball, the rapper alternated between playing point guard, his main position, and shooting guard.

Pride, who is now six feet tall, had an 89% free throw shooting rate and averaged 10 points per game when he was five feet, eleven inches tall. NCSA College Recruiting rated Pride as one of the top applicants in the sector.

Given that he weighs 170 pounds, the rapper played quarterback in American football, which was a great position for him. Pride continued playing football when he applied to Mississippi Delta Community College.

Detail On Pride Family

Constance Anderson, his mother, and staunchest ally, is a member of the Superstar Pride clan. Constance is married to Jeffrey Anderson.

The rapper has never been shy about showing his love for his mother, not just now that he’s achieved success but always. The rapper frequently claims on Facebook that his mother is his biggest source of inspiration.

Pride often refers to his mother as his first lady and always remembers to give her a special Mother’s Day gift. The rapper also admitted that it was not her goal for him to be conceived, but he accepted that she chose to carry him to term, raise him, and love him every day of his life.

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