Rapper Ndot Spinalot Age, Height, Weight, Real Name And Family

Ndot Spinalot
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Ndot Spinalot is 14 years old. Ndot, a rapper for Young Drill, is from New York.

Even though the rapper has only recently started rapping, the New York Drill scene has taken notice of him.

Ndot’s relevance has increased as a result of him being courted for an interview by a number of rap networks.

This is largely because of his music, yet it’s also because of his many conflicts with the late rapper Notti Osama and his group SugarHill DDT.

Even though the rapper only started releasing music in October of last year, there are over 200K monthly Spotify subscribers. Despite only having two videos on his YouTube site, Ndot has more than 5.18K subscribers.

The rapper usually releases his videos on the Raps & Hustles YouTube channel, where Bestie has collected over 4 million views.

Rapper Ndot Spinalot Age, Height And Weight

According to a Reddit discussion, Ndot Spinalot is 14 years old. The rapper was conceived in New York in 2008.

Ndot is one of a growing number of rappers who got their start when they were still in their early teens, went on to find popularity, and even signed lucrative deals. Ndot, whose music releases only began in October, would really serve as a decent example of this given he has finished all three.

The rapper has already surpassed SugarHill Ddot, who started releasing music two years before Ndot, as they are both associated with Capitol Records. The rapper has both admirers and detractors because of his early success.

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Ndot Spinalot’s Real Name Revealed

Ndot Spinalot’s real name is Ethan Noel, claims a YouTube video. The video contains highlights from one of streamer Noti’s live streams.

The video debuted on December 1, 2022, shows a video call between Noti and Ndot. The streamer is repeatedly attempting to urge the rapper to make a mistake and divulge his name during the video call, which is being aired on his Twitch channel.

Ultimately, the rapper slips up and tells Noti and his listeners that his real name is Nathan.

It turns out that this is a scam, as many commenters, Myrtle Simone foremost among them, tell readers that Ndot’s real name is Ethan Noel and that this information was made available to the public about two months ago.

The rapper has repeatedly stated in interviews before that he will not reveal his real name, but he has not yet confirmed whether or not that is the moniker he goes by. Myrtle’s claim, however, has received a lot of support from viewers who commented on the aforementioned video.

Where Is Ndot Spinalot From?

The Ndot Spinalot family resides in the Bronx in New York. To be more accurate, he hails from the Bronx’s River Park area.

The rapper stated that he was born in The Bronx and comes from a Puerto Rican family in an interview with the YouTube station On The Radar Radio. When he was two years old, he was compelled to go to Brooklyn to live with his grandmother, but he eventually returned to the Bronx.

After coming home, he made himself at home in the borough’s River Park district, got involved in street life, and blended in with the locals over time.

The rapper started rapping in 2020, largely using his iPhone, and shared his songs on his old Instagram page, which he regrettably lost access to.

Despite the setback, the rapper persisted with rapping and is now connected to a notable label despite being under the age of 15.

Info On Ndot Spinalot Family

Ndot Spinalot is 5 feet 1 inches tall and weighs about 110 pounds.

Ndot’s detractors have frequently said that he comes off as excessively childish, causing some people to mistake him for a woman.

Hardly a single social media video goes by without someone expressing surprise that he is a boy.

Despite being young, the rapper is known for having a lot of confidence, and he doesn’t seem to have been disturbed by the insults.

The rapper is quick to brag about his fortune and success, both of which were earned in just five short months, in response to anyone who tries to criticize him for his appearance, age, or fashion choices.

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