Indian Politician Rangaswamy Dhruvanarayana Death Cause, Obituary And Family

Rangaswamy Dhruvanarayana
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At the age of 61, R. Dhruvanarayana passed away on Saturday. He was a former politician and the KPCC’s interim president.

Former Indian Lok Sabha member Dhruva Narayana, also known as Rangaswamy Dhruvanarayana. The Karnataka native served as the district’s representative in India’s 15th and 16th Lok Sabha.

Obituary and death notice for Dhruva Narayana The Indian politician passed away. Have a heart attack occurred?

Senior politician R. Dhruvanarayana tragically fell away from a heart attack on March 11, 2023. His sudden death shocked everyone.

On Friday night at home, he reportedly suffered a heart attack. His family members immediately transported him to the hospital.

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Indian Politician Rangaswamy Dhruvanarayana’s Death Cause And Obituary

According to KPCC spokesman M. Lakshmana, who verified the death, Mr. Dhruvanarayana had just arrived from Bangalore on Friday and was supposed to go back there on Saturday.

There were no preceding accounts of Dhruvanarayan’s illness. Even though he had health problems, was he still able to work?

On social media, many people shared their sorrow over the demise of a well-known politician.

Former congressman and resident of Wayanad Rahul Gandhi conveyed his sorrow on Saturday.

We were “deeply horrified” to learn of the unfortunate death of former MP Shri R Dhruvanarayan.

Before becoming an advocate for social justice, he advanced through the National Student Union and Youth Congress ranks.

He was a dedicated leader in the community despite his modesty. The Congress Party suffers severe losses as a result of his passing.

Gandhi sent a letter of condolence to the victim’s relatives.

The Ramanagara Parajadhwani Yatra, which was supposed to take place on Saturday, had to be postponed because Dhrubanarayana unexpectedly passed away in the hands of KPCC President D.K. Shivakumar. Every person in Karnataka is mourning the loss of the 61-year-old politician.

Detail On The Family Of Rangaswamy Dhruvanarayana


The late politician’s married couple had two sons. Dhruvanarayana was a devoted husband to his wife and a loyal father to his two children.

His wife, his boys, and all of them have kept their identities a secret. His wife and two boys survive Dhruvanarayana.

Family members of Dhruvanarayan are mourning his loss. The death of their cherished family member must be beyond their comprehension.

Info On Career Of Rangaswamy Dhruvanarayana

Dhruvanarayana had a protracted and fruitful career in politics. He chose to join the Congress Party in 1983 and then decided to pursue politics.

The Karnataka politician served as student body president at Bangalore’s Hebbal Agricultural College in 1984.

He held the position of section president of the National Students Union of India in Bangalore City in the same year.

He eventually attained the rank of general secretary for the Karnataka State Youth Congress in 1986.

Dhruvanarayana was initially selected to represent the Santhermarahalli Seat in the 1999 Vidhan Sabha elections.

Still, he didn’t really succeed. He attempted to run for office in the same district once more in 2004, but A.R. Krishnamurthy narrowly defeated him.

Dhruvanarayana was recognized as a capable leader in Mysuru. Like Srinivas Prasad, he was regarded as a significant representation of the Dalit population in the region.

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