Randy Gwathney Obituary, Wife, Case Update In 2023 And Victims

Randy Gwathney
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The obituary of Randy Gwathney’s killer is currently the most looked-up term online. Continue reading to learn more about the murderer’s intentions.

A convicted murderer accused of three homicides, Gordon Randall Gwathney is also known by his stage name, Randy Gwathney.

He was formerly the sheriff of Lee County, Arkansas. Randy and his ex-wife Lisa Reeves inspired the fourth season of the Investigation Discovery television series “Evil Lives Here: Shades of Death,” which debuted in 2022.

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Who Is Randy Gwathney Wife? His Obituary

Randy Reeves and Lisa Reeves were married. But, their marriage did not last long, and they called it quits in 2001 without getting a divorce.

Lisa considered divorcing him but was unable to do so, according to the murder probe.

She had moved to Lee County, Arkansas, to live with her mother Sylvia Reeves and her grandparents Palestine.

Gordon first argued with Lisa’s mother about money and credit cards when he first arrived at her home on February 13, 2007.

When the argument heated up, he turned angry and assaulted her. Sylvia swore to contact the police if Randy didn’t leave. Lisa fled as he started attacking her mother.

After hearing a gunshot, she hid in her grandparents’ bed and escaped by using the house next door belonging to her brother Travis as cover.

Randall shot Travis five times as they were at the scene of the crime. Also, he injured the first policeman to arrive. The police officer suffered critical injuries.

Gwatthney managed to flee prior to the arrival of further law enforcement personnel. The injured individuals were sent immediately to a hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.

Randy went to an ATM in Palestine, Arkansas, and took $100 from his account after killing three people and badly injuring another two. Police tracked down the murderer as he attempted to flee into Mexico using the killer’s withdrawal times.

He was arrested in Laredo, Texas, transferred to Arkansas after the incident, and incarcerated despite the fact that he was armed and trying to escape.

Despite Gwathney’s best efforts to defend himself by asserting he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, he was found guilty of the allegations filed against him in 2008.

The murderer received a 40-year and life sentence after being proven guilty. He is still alive and detained right now.

Who Are Victims Of Randy Gwathney ?

Gwathney’s victims included Lisa’s family members and the first responder, a police officer.

Randy first shot Lisa’s mother Sylvia, 51, then her dad James, 81, and Evelyn, 79. The elderly couple died right away after being shot.

Lisa escaped and made a 911 call while at her brother Travis’ house. Gordon then kept shooting, this time critically wounding both the cop and him.

Travis and the cops survived being shot to death, but Lisa’s mother and her grandparents did not.

Out of all the victims, only Lisa was able to avoid being shot by him.

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Update On Randy Gwathney Case In 2023

According to official court records, Gordon is currently in his early 60s and serving his sentence at the Varner Unit in Lincoln County, Arkansas.

He acknowledged that he couldn’t remember what had transpired in 2008 and expressed regret to the jury for his actions.

“I sincerely apologize for what happened. But I don’t understand what happened. I’m heartbroken because I loved those people.

Randy attempted to overturn his conviction in 2009 for “mental sickness or defect,” but his appeal was denied.

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