Puskás Award Nominee Marcin Oleksy Wikipedia Bio, Age, Nationality And Accident

Marcin Oleksy
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Due to a fatal car accident, football player Marcin Oleksy had to have both of his legs amputated.

Marcin Oleksy, a Polish professional football player, received the Puskas Award despite having lost both of his legs. 

Oleksy represented Poland at the 2022 Amputee Soccer World Cup. His team advanced to the Round of 16, but they were unsuccessful.

Meet Marcin Oleksy: Puskás Award Nominee Wikipedia Bio

Marcin was born there in 1987 and is currently a forward player for Poland.

He has been contributing many goals ever since fully recuperating from his awful injury.

Marcin Oleksy
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Even his desire to play football was abandoned in favor of a career in business.

Before 2010, his career aspirations were to be goalies, but everything changed when he was damaged in a terrible accident in November of that year.

The athlete hasn’t revealed any personal information, so we should respect his right to privacy.

How Old Is Marcin Oleksy? His Age And Nationality

Marcin Oleksy was born on April 11, 1987, in Poland. The Polish football player who lost an arm is a citizen of that country.

He was born with the Aries horoscope. The striker is 36 years old right now. Since making a comeback, the Polish football player has scored numerous goals.

In a similar fashion, he also scored one of his career’s most remarkable goals.

Details On Footballer Marcin Oleksy Accident

The Puskas Award recipient wanted to be a goaltender, but things started to go wrong when he was 23 and working as a road worker.

He was struck just when a vehicle left the road. He was informed by the medical staff at the hospital that they would have to amputate his leg as soon as he arrived.

The Polish footballer had the choice to give up on his career goals, but he overcame his worries and expressed thanks for his life instead.

He said, “I always envisaged being able to play football with my son when I had a child,” in an interview with ESPN.

After a 12-year layoff, he made a comeback to football at the age of 35, earning the prestigious Puskas Trophy.

Because of his dedication and skill, he is currently recognized as a FIFA Puskas Award winner alongside Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Salah, and Zlatan.

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