Peso Pluma Earnings, Net Worth, Age, Real Name, Ethnicity And Nationality

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José de Jesus Ramirez is his true name of Peso Pluma. Rapper and composer Peso hails from Ponce, Puerto Rico.

Rapper and songwriter Peso Pluma was born in 1985. He is an authority in his genre and has more than ten years of experience in the music business.

Peso began his career as a songwriter before realizing he had rapping talent. In the early 2000s, he wrote songs as ghostwriters for several prominent Puerto Rican rap artists. In 2015, Peso released Ciclon, his self-titled debut album, to rave reviews from fans and reviewers.

After then, he put out two more albums and several singles. He worked with well-known Latin urban musicians like Bad Bunny, Anuel AA, and Rafa Pabon.

Rapper and musician Peso Pluma possesses a tremendous talent, and his alluring lyrics and contagious hooks have helped him win throngs of followers worldwide.

Earning And Net Worth Of Pluma Peso

On Spotify, Peso Pluma receives more than 15 million monthly listeners. Other streaming services, including Apple Music, Deezer, Soundcloud, and YouTube, offer his music for purchase. Although the Peso’s net worth has not yet been revealed, it is thought to be more than $1 million.

He is compensated for his live performances, which take place in various places, by various record labels and music streaming services. He undoubtedly receives more brand sponsorships, which are lucrative, as a result of his notoriety and popularity.

Siempre Pendientes, which has 173 million Spotify plays, is the Peso Pluma song with the most streaming plays. AMG has been listened to over 112 million times and is the second-most streamed song. His songs PRC, El Gavilan, and Por las Noches are among his most well-known.

The rapper is well-known among his fans and has more than 1.9 million Instagram followers. On the other hand, he only recently launched a YouTube channel and posted the official PRC music video, which had accumulated nearly 17 million views within three weeks.

The fact that Peso, a single song video, has almost 100,000 YouTube subscribers demonstrates the notoriety and success that Pluma has amassed due to his musical pursuits. Although he has more than 279k followers and 801k likes, he has only uploaded three videos to Tiktok.

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Age And Real Name Of Peso Pluma

Peso Pluma was born in 1985, about 37 years old, and his full name is José de Jess Ramrez, according to the music NFT website Pianity. The artist appears younger even though his age hasn’t been proven.

Peso may have been born in 1999 and, based on previous accounts, may have been 23 at the time. A trustworthy source has not yet established Peso Pluma’s true age.

What Is The Ethnicity And Nationality Of Pluma Peso?

Rapper and composer Peso Pluma is from Puerto Rico. He was raised in Ponce, Puerto Rico, a coastal city in the south of the island, where he was born and raised. The record label Prajin Music Group employs him. The band makes use of a studio called Prajin Parlay StudioZ. Their primary goal is to spread their passion and love for music.

According to the label, they enjoy listening to music and constantly experiment with different beats, tempos, melodies, and rhythms to come up with or find new things. They are dedicated to discovering new, innovative performers, signing them, and assisting them in succeeding in the music business.

The company also collaborates with brilliant producers skilled at fusing and rearranging sounds to generate lovely music.

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