Miss Universe Olivia Culpo Sisters, Previous Relationship And Current Boyfriend Christian

Olivia Culpo
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Former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo asserts that even ten years after winning the pageant, she still keeps her crown hidden.

Culpo, who competed in the pageant as Miss USA in 2012, said to the New York Post that she keeps her crown in a locked box at home despite having seen her siblings try it on in the past.

The model’s sisters are Sophia Culpo, age 26, and Aurora Culpo, age 33. According to IMDB, the foursome took part in a TLC reality series called “The Culpo Sisters” in 2022, which followed their romantic relationships and careers in Los Angeles.

Miss Universe Olivia Culpo Sisters

Olivia’s sister Sophia is currently a model and social media star. She has worked with numerous skincare and cosmetics businesses and highlighted some of her favorite products on Instagram.

Sophia Culpo

The 26-year-old is said to love all things linked to beauty and lay a lot of importance on diet, according to her Instagram.

She is constantly sharing new vegan and organic recipes with her fans, especially for baked goods.

The newest Culpo is presently living with Olivia in Los Angeles. She routinely takes video of their sisterly antics, which includes cooking, working out, and playing with Olivia’s dog.

Aurora Culpo

Olivia’s older sister, Aurora, has had two children.

Aurora frequently posts pictures of her family on her Instagram profile, especially those of her son Remi and daughter Solei. The oldest sister has been open and honest with her fans on social media about her pregnancy cravings, workouts, raising her two children, and nutrition.

In her Instagram bio, Aurora is referred to as a “straight shooter [and] wellness junkie” who enjoys “[eco] conscious companies.” She has also held positions as a special educator and behavior analyst.

Who Is Olivia Culpo Boyfriend Now In 2023?

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Culpo is dating NFL player Christian McCaffrey despite breaking one of her own dating rules for him: “no athletes ever again.”

Culpo and McCaffrey initially became acquainted in 2019 when Culpo liked one of McCaffrey’s Instagram photos. They had traveled to Cabo with friends by July 2019.

On November 3, 2019, McCaffrey also published an Instagram Story in which he praised Culpo for her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit shoot. In October 2019, Culpo was spotted wearing one of McCaffrey’s shirts to a game.

Later that month, McCaffrey wrote another piece about Culpo and his mother cheering him on at a game. After that, they were spotted numerous more times before being spotted together on the NFL Honors red carpet on February 1, 2020.

By Valentine’s Day 2020, when Culpo paid McCaffrey a poignant tribute and referred to him as her “best pal,” they had established themselves as full-fledged Instagram users. On June 22, 2022, they will mark the third anniversary of their marriage and have since acquired a puppy.

Culpo told McCaffrey in a Culpo Sisters episode that she and the running back aren’t quite ready to start a family just yet.

Who Did Olivia Culpo Date Before Christian?

After TMZ uploaded a video of the DJ and model dancing together at Coachella to Ariana Grande’s “God Is a Woman,” Culpo and Zedd became known as a couple in April 2019. He also reportedly attended her birthday party in May 2019 and remained by her side throughout a dinner party thrown in her honor.

The romance might have been brief, but Amendola’s reaction to it got much media attention. Following Culpo and Zedd’s reconciliation at Coachella, Amendola criticized the “True Colors” singer in an Instagram Story.

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