Neebs Gaming Thick44 Death Cause, Obituary, Real Name, Age And Wife

Neebs Gaming Thick44 Death Cause, Obituary
Source: Instagram

Concerns have been raised about Neebs Gaming Thick44’s health among his fans in the gaming industry following his cancer diagnosis and hair loss. Sadly, the gamer passed away.

Thick44 was a well-known YouTuber in the internet gaming community. He was a musician, a creator of videos, and a YouTube subscriber for the Neebs Gaming channel.

Neebs Gaming is a musical group of individuals with a combined 2 million subscribers to their collective channel. Actors, musicians, and performers make up the group.

He quickly became a fan favorite after joining the channel in 2013 with his seductive charisma and amusing commentary.

Thick44’s major passion was first-person shooter games, and he frequently posted videos on his channel showcasing his prowess in games like Battlefield and Call of Duty.

The video producer immediately became well-known among gamers as a result of his endearing character, extraordinary talent, and wonderful sense of humor.

His game lessons for Subnautica, Battlefield Friends, Battlefield, The Forest, Minecraft Cinematic Series, Neebsylvania, Minecraft in a Nutshell, ARK Survival Evolved, and GTA V are some of the most well-liked on his YouTube channel.

Obituary: Thick44 Death Cause And Hair loss

Neebs Gaming Thick44 Death Cause, Obituary
Source: Instagram

Thick44 asserted to have been given a cancer diagnosis in 2022. He stopped making movies to focus on his health and medical treatment, but he didn’t lose his optimism or commitment to the fight against cancer.

The YouTuber’s perseverance and bravery in participating in gaming videos while ill were quite inspiring.

Therefore, it seemed inevitable that he would keep his hair after battling cancer twice, enduring chemotherapy, and having surgery.

Thick44 unfortunately passed away on February 13th, 2023, as his cancer appeared to be advanced.

What Is The Real Name And Age Of Thick44?

Tony Schnur, commonly known as Thick44, was born in the United States on October 13, 1975, in Elyria, Ohio. He passed away at the age of 47.

Tony was a writer and actor in addition to being an internet participant. He became best famous for his work on the films Virtua Fighter, Please Teacher!, and Doraleous and Associates.

Neebs Gaming Thick44 Wikipedia And Family

Neebs Gaming Thick44 Death Cause, Obituary
Source: Instagram

Neebs Gaming Thick44 does not have a dedicated Wikipedia page. Katherine Hough is the wife of Thick44, and the couple has two beautiful daughters.

The names of his girls are not yet disclosed. One of his daughters, though, is reportedly 13 years old.

On social media, Tony has nevertheless before posted images of his daughters. His family was very supportive of him during his cancer treatment.

The singer was a well-known YouTuber and actor who had acquired a large fortune.

Aside from these facts, not much is known about Tony’s family, upbringing, or education. However, based on his popularity and success, it seems likely that he was honest and smart.

Thick44’s demise has been a huge loss for the video game industry. He will be remembered for his lovely heart, sense of humour, and talent.

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