Nabhaan Rizwan Brother Mawaan Rizwan Bio, Parents And Girlfriend

Nabhaan Rizwan
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Mawaan Rizwan, the brother of Nabhaan Rizwan, is a British actor of Pakistani descent. Mawaan and Nabhaan grew up in Ilford.

The two siblings are very close and are passionate about the entertainment business.

Nabhaan Rizwan, the brother of Mawaan Rizwan, was born in 1997 and is well-known for playing Raza in the television series Informer. He debuted in movies five years ago.

He also appeared in The Accident as a supporting actor and the miniseries Station Eleven. He was raised in Illford and first expressed a desire to play cricket. Later, he participated in his A-Level competition and began acting in theater ensembles.

2018 saw his first tryout for Infromer. He has worked in this field for almost 4 years and has already been in over 10 films and television shows.

He made his film debut in 1917 as Sepoy Jondalar, following his first TV appearance in 2019. His other works include Industry, Kaoss, Station Eleven, In Camera, Mogul Mowhli, and numerous others.

Additionally, in 2021, the actor appeared as Ariel in the play “Anna X” at the Horald Pinter Theater and The Lowry.

Nabhaan Rizwan Brother Mawaan Rizwan Bio

The younger brother of Nabhaan Rizwan, Mawaan Rizwan, began his career as a YouTuber. Mawaan has acted in a number of Pakistani films.

At the age of 16, Mawaan launched his own YouTube channel and started posting. He attracted a lot of attention and soon had a large following.

Following then, his career led to him appearing in other television and online programs.

In the 2013 film “Ashens And The Quest For The Game Child,” he made his acting debut. He has since then appeared in more than five movies and has been unstoppable.

The Nightman of Nevermore, The Darkest Dawa, Carnage, and Benjamin are among his movies.

Screenwriter Manwaan’s debut miniseries, “Swashbuckle,” was published in 2014. Additionally, he contributed to a few episodes of Sex Education, Apple Tree House, and Sopt Bots.

He made his television debut in the same year (2013) as Jahmene Mann in DNN: Definitely Not Newsround. He also made an appearance in The Dog Ate My Homework in 2014.

His significant television roles include those in Vera, Taskmaker, Loaded, Two Weeks to Live, and more.

He also collaborated with Oli White and Jimmy Hill on the Megan Awesome Super Hacks series in 2015. Additionally, he went to Pakistan to shoot the film How Guy Is Pakistan.

When he performed his first show in a basement venue in 2018, his stand-up comedy career officially got underway. In 2018 and 2019, he also gave performances at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

In 2022, he made his final TV appearance in The Greate Celebrity Bake Off Stand Up To Cancer.

Mawaan regularly posts on Instagram under the handle @mawaanr. He frequently writes on his account and has 71k followers. He has posted 641 images, reels, and videos on his IG.

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Nabhaan Rizwan’s Parents: Who Is His Father And Mother

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The parents of Nabhaan Rizwan are Pakistani citizens Rizwan Siddiqui and Shahnaz Rizwas. They were raised in the Islamic religion.

In 1994, he, his mother, and their sister all relocated to London. His family received a deportation warning six years later.

They then received permission to stay indefinitely following legal disputes and protests for the family’s immigration status.

Shahnaz Rizwas, their mother, is a poet, writer, and actress. She received a lot of attention in Bollywood in 2012 after his son highlighted her in one of his Youtube videos.

Later, she was chosen for one of the lead roles in Yeh Hain Mohabbatein, the most watched TV show in India.

In addition, she became well-known for her work in the films Hazar Dastab, Dhola Aur Shabnam, and Jimmu Will Play. She is also a nominee for Star Parivaar Award’s Favorite Mazedaar Sadasya.

Shahnaz has more than 100,000 followers on Instagram and is actively active. Actor and dreamer, according to her bio, she has 158 posts and 17 followers.

Playwright Rizwan Siddiqui was their father. There isn’t much more information available on him, though. In their interviews, his wife and boys have both remained silent about him.

Who Is Nabhaan Rizwan’s Girlfriend?

Nabhaan Rizwan is not dating anyone right now because she is single. Additionally, there has never been any historical talk of Nabhaan dating any ladies.

To date, he has not disclosed to the public that he is dating anyone and is content living alone.

He has, however, collaborated with several stunning females, like Philippine Velge, Gael Garcia Bernal, and Matilda Lawler. but has never been linked to anyone.

The actor has kept his relationship so private that he has never brought it up in interviews.

When he was 24 years old, his sibling, Mawaan, told his traditional Muslim parents that he was gay. Additionally, Mawaan has not yet been tied to anyone.

Nabhaan regularly posts photos of himself and his co-star on Instagram.

Their Instagram handle of Nabhaan is @nabhaanr. Over 15,000 people follow him, and his account is verified.

In his bio, “Actor. Rapper. Martian DJ I appreciate your patronage.” He has 434 followers and more than 100 posts.

He routinely posts images from his photo shoot. On his Instagram, he also posts behind-the-scenes photos from his film.

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