Mason Black Girlfriend: Who Is Bridget Casey? Their Dating Life

Mason Black Girlfriend Bridget Casey
Source: instagram

Mason Black’s girlfriend, Bridget Casey, used to play soccer for Lehigh University. Mason and Bridget started dating in 2021.

On October 12, 1999, the star pitcher for the San Francisco Giants was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The 23-year-old athlete graduated from Valley View High School and entered Lehigh on August 23, 2018.

The San Francisco Giants chose Mason with the 85th overall pick in 2021 after an outstanding season in the minor leagues.

The talented baseball player, wearing jersey number 19, is passionate about the sport and played with the Cougars before transferring to Lehigh. The MLB player has a lifetime batting average of.227 and 136 strikeouts. He was a standout in high school.

Black revealed his connection with Casey on Instagram by posting photos of them having fun. Both the MLB player and his partner were athletes at Lehigh.

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Mason Black Girlfriend: Who Is Bridget Casey?

Bridget Casey served as the basketball team’s captain at Gwynedd Mercy Academy. She has received numerous honors.

Casey participated in soccer for the Lehigh University women’s team. The Mason companion is a multi-sport athlete. She was a standout track and field athlete who captained her high school basketball team in addition to being a star soccer player at Lehigh.

When she was younger, she became interested in soccer since both of her sisters, Mary Casey and Erin, played the game. She learned a lot of what she knows about soccer from Casey’s sisters.

Bridget went to Lehigh and was picked for the women’s soccer team when Mary was in her junior year. As they were teammates on the same squad, their bond grew over the autumn season.

Mason Black Girlfriend Bridget Casey
Source: instagram

Bridget was the senior captain of the women’s soccer team at Gwynedd Mercy Academy before she transferred to Lehigh. In the ACAA league, Casy won a variety of awards, including best defensive player and all-star in 2016 and 2017.

Bridget did well in school and got first-class honors every year she was there. She also did well in soccer.

As a freshman, she played in all 20 games for Lehigh, scoring three goals and adding an assist. Bridget was a substitute in her first games and not in the starting lineup. But, after seven games, this quickly changed and she was in the starting 11.

Since she intended to become a doctor, she declared biology as her major.

Bridget Casey And Mason Black Dating Life

At Lehigh University, where they subsequently started dating, Mason Black first encountered Bridget Casey.

Bridget was a sophomore when Mason joined the baseball team as a freshman. Black and Casey got along immediately away because they are both Philly natives and former athletes for the Lehigh athletic team.

After a challenging hike, the two embraced and took a picture that they later posted on social media. Pictures of them outside a house and in their hotel room are also available.

The photographs that follow first appeared on September 7, 2022. The player for the San Francisco Giants uploaded photos of Bridget and him in Eugene, Oregon. Black’s Instagram post reveals the couple spending time together at the beach, on nature excursions, and at sporting events.

Mason and Bridget started the year by taking a trip to Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Field to watch American football and support the city’s team, the Philadelphia Eagles. Both sportsmen were decked out in Bird gear to promote their respective squads.

Casy’s 129 posts are only visible to her 1338 K followers on her private Instagram account with the handle @bcasey25. While she isn’t extremely active on social media, she hasn’t said anything about the MLB player or their connection there.

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