Details On Manish Sisodia Second Wife Seema Sisodia, Family Life, Salary And Net Worth

Manish Sisodia Second Wife Seema Sisodia
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Manish Sisodia apparently has a second wife name, and internet users are curious to find out whether the said news is true or false.

Manish Sisodia was born in India’s Uttar Pradesh and is currently the deputy chief minister of the Delhi government.

Before going into politics, the politician was a Zee News India Radio journalist. By joining the political affairs committee of the Aam Admi Party in 2012, the former journalist made his political debut.

After getting his journalism diploma, the Aam Admi Party participant started working as a journalist. In 1993, the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan also honored him.

In 2021, Manish received the Mahatma Award for his commitment to academic excellence. This prestigious award recognizes game-changers and social impact leaders from throughout the world.

Details On Manish Sisodia Second Wife Seema Sisodia

In 2022, information about the politician’s second wife, Nisha Singh, appeared online.

Nisha graduated from Bombay University with an engineering degree before completing her MBA at the London School of Economics. She worked for major companies like Siemens and Google while residing in London.

The sources claim that the former Google employee secretly married the Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi in the temple with Kejriwal and Sanjay Singh present as witnesses after falling in love with him.

The former reporter’s second wife was selected to represent the Aam Aadmi Party as a corporator. She then began preparing to generate commotions in her area to realize her dreams of becoming an MLA.

News Track reports that the court found Singh guilty of organizing disturbances, preparing to win elections by riots, and blaming regular citizens and government workers of starting fires and riots.

Manish Sisodia Family Life

Seema Sisodia is the name of his wife. The exact day of their wedding is yet unknown.

Although the politician was apparently previously married before he joined the AAP party, the couple was married approximately ten years ago.

The kid of the couple is also named Meer Sisodia. The former journalist’s ex-wife frequently participates in interviews and talks about the positive social consequences of her partner’s party. She and her hubby are frequently seen in public.

The politician’s father is a former public school teacher by the name of Dharampal Sisodia. The parliamentarian’s family is also quite supportive of his professional choices.

Salary And Net Worth of Manish Sisodia

The Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi’s net worth is estimated at Rs 41 lakh by Starsunfold. Additionally, he receives a monthly salary of Rs. 2.1 lakh as a member of the Delhi Assembly.

According to Oneindia, he is the “Finest Education Minister.” Sisodia was a well-known documentary director.

The Indian Express’s 2016 list of the 100 most significant Indians In 2016, The Indian Express named him one of the 100 most significant Indians.

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