Magazine Director Héctor Maugeri Pajera (Wife), Age (edad), Wikipedia And Parents

Héctor Maugeri

Hector Maugeri Pareja, the editor-in-chief of Faces Magazine, has drawn a lot of media attention, but he hasn’t talked about his se*ual relationships.

Hector Maugeri is well recognised for co-founding the journal FACES, serving as deputy director, and penning the widely read book Divas. He is also in charge of the Caras magazine.

In reaction to allegations that Claudia Villafae was depicted on a disputed cover, Maugeri released a statement claiming that an outdated photograph was utilised and the wording was written with love and respect for Diego.

Meet Magazine Director Héctor Maugeri Pajera (Wife)

No proof exists that Hector Maugeri was involved in a pareja (partner). The Faces vice-director has shied away from telling the media about his open relationships. Due to his low-key personality, no media outlet has been able to report specifics of his marriage.

Hector Maugeri, who goes by the handle @hectormaugeri on Instagram, has a considerable fan base. Maugeri hasn’t yet posted a single post regarding his love relationships in spite of this.

Maugeri’s admirers and followers constantly ask about his spouse, so he may give some hints in the future. In the interim, Maugeri lives with his cherished dog, Amanda. He routinely highlights Amanda on his Instagram feed.

How Old Is Héctor Maugeri? His Age (edad) And Parents Details

Hector Maugeri was born in Argentina to Elena and Felipe, two loving parents.

He is Argentinean as a result. Due to the uncertainty surrounding Maugeri’s birthdate, it is impossible to determine his actual age. Maugeri is also a devoted family man who loves to spend his free time with them. He rarely mentions his parents in Instagram posts.

Héctor Maugeri
Source: instagram

On February 14, 2023, Maugeri’s parents were married, proving they had been together for more than 60 years. He continued by saying that his father had left this world.

Despite this, Maugeri’s mother cherishes him. Hector was hoping to use that as an example of the perfect manifestation of love. Many of his supporters sent supportive comments on the page.

Wikipedia Bio Of Héctor Maugeri

Vice director of the magazine FACES is the charismatic young guy Hector Maugeri. Maugeri has worked for several magazines, despite the fact that his last job was in journalism many years ago.

There are rumours that Maugeri contributed to a variety of Argentine periodicals, including La Nación, Clarin, and Página/12. As was already mentioned, Maugeri is a talented author best known for his book DIVAS, which was released by Editorial Perfil y Planeta.

The book dives further into the engrossing biographies of prominent female entertainers. Hector’s several renowned works have surely contributed to his substantial riches, and in the years to come, his net worth may very well surpass six figures.

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