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Luckless In Love
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In Luckless in Love, Paniz Zade, Brett Donahue, and Dale Whibley portray the three central figures. The movie will premiere on UPTv on January 12, 2023.

The movie’s director was John Bradshaw, while Courtney Cilman created the script.

In the story, two strangers who date for selfish reasons live together daily. At the same time, the blogger dates to discuss it in her column, the sports agent dates for the high salary.

But as their friendship became stronger, love replaced lust as their driving force. Finding their truth causes them to transform their life.

Introduction Of Luckless In Love Cast

Paniz Zade and Brett Donahue have the two most important roles among the Luckless In Love cast. Steffi Didomenicatonio, Maria Ricossa, and Jennifer Gibson are the supporting cast.

Paniz Zade Potrays As Winnie Rhodes

Zade portrays the author, Winnie Rhodes. She writes about the world of online dating while posing as a blogger.

However, she doesn’t attract attention because her romantic life is a complete catastrophe.

Even her boss wants her to write an essay about face oils because she struggles to fit in at work. She finds Holden on a dating app thanks to her friend’s recommendation.

After she publishes her blog entry about her awful date, it receives a ton of attention, and her boss praises her.

To maintain the offer of her column, she keeps dating him. Finally, she starts to feel something for him.

Brett Donahue Potrays As Holden Fulls

He performs the role of Holden, an Asian sports agent who represents a small number of all-stars. His frequent trips to the coffee shop have caught Winnie’s friend’s attention.

He starts dating Winnie because his boss wants him to commit to the relationship and the business.

His first date wasn’t the best because of his ex-appearance. He is unable to identify his lover on his own.

Additionally, he gets a second invitation to go on a date. They enjoy doing crafts and painting projects together. He also instructs Winnie in the game.

Discovers her blog via her. Their relationship is consequently changed.

Steffi DiDomenicantonio Potrays As Kyra

In the film, DiDomenicantonio plays Kyra. She assumes the role of Winnie’s friend and roommate.

Holden caught Kyra’s gaze as they talked about Winnie’s mother.

Despite this, she still counsels her friend. She talks about the author’s terrible dating experience and offers suggestions on how to meet a compatible mate.

The singer, who was born in Montreal, appeared in the television program Accused this year as Nadine. She performs the role of Nancy in the upcoming movie The Spark.

Jennifer Gibson Potrays As Inga

She adopted Winnie’s boss’s identity on the blog. After failing to design the ideal blog for their column, she brutally mistreats the main character at the beginning.

A Masculine Ending from 1992 marked the television debut of the Suits star. The actress’ most recent films include Diaspora and Scentsational Christmas.

Maria Ricossa Potrays As Evette

Ricossa plays Winnie’s mother, Evette in the movie. In her piece, she refuses her daughter’s dating counsel. It was said that even her daughter was a spinster.

The Warehouse 13 actress made her acting debut in a small role in 1983. She rose to fame after appearing in the 2003 movie The In-laws.

She most recently made cameos in Love and the Radio Star and Cabin Connection.

One of the other cast members is Liam MacDonald, a character played by Ty Glen. Ret. Fawkes was portrayed in the drama by Michael Grant.
Lauren Howe is the Dirk that Dale Whibley portrays in Tracey Allendale.
Galante attended parties. Lexie Chatty Ingrid Norton GPS

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Locations Where “Luckless In Love” Was Filmed?

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Luckless in Love was filmed in Hamilton, Ontario, a city in Canada. Among the locations used for filming are Gage Park and Hamilton Studio.

Because of its captivating setting, Hamilton is known as an excellent place for photography. It provided the film crew’s requested equipment.

The movie was shot from the end of March through April. Balsam Avenue, the Olympia Club, and a subdivision of townhouses served as the backdrops for the filming.

Additionally, it frequented the areas of St. Peter’s Hospital and James Street North. The program honoured the King William Street restaurant.

The show’s initial title, Luck Strikes in Winter, was chosen over Luckless in Love since it better reflected the season.

Release Date For When The UPTv Movie Will Be Out

On January 12, 2023, Luckless in Love will have its US debut. Online and streaming versions of the film are available on UPTv, DirectTV Stream, Philo, and Friendly.

You may watch the movie for free with the Plex software. There is no membership requirement to see the film.

Breakdown of A Trailer

The trailer begins with a dialogue between the mother and daughter. Her mother was horrified to learn that she had written about dating.

She then queries her friend about her mother’s opinion of her. She had already noticed Holden and her companion.

However, her boss reprimands her and assigns her to write about facial oils.

Her love life is a disaster, and even her pal urges her to locate the ultimate mush guy. Later, she meets Holden through a dating app.

The movie then introduces the Asian sports agent. After their date has ended, the main character drafts a popular block about it.

Her management claims that as a result, she had a therapeutic dating experience. So before writing about him, she has to understand him better.

They both start to experience mutual attraction. After learning that they had both used the other for a career, the couple drifts apart.

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