Laurence Escalante Wife, Kids, Age, Wikipedia, Bio, Salary, Earnings And Net Worth

Laurence Escalante
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Escalante is a pioneer and businessman in the gaming sector. No one knows Laurence Escalante’s name because she has concealed her identity.

Laurence worked in the gaming sector for 12 years. He founded Animo Mobile and became an investor and a founding member of White Knights Game in 2004.

One of the top Philippine game production studios, Animo Mobile, was eventually purchased by Playlab in 2014.

He also has more than ten years of technical expertise in financial planning, investor advisory, and superannuation taxation.

Escalante completed his studies at Macquarie University and earned a degree in economics.

The gaming entrepreneur established the online game sweepstakes company in 2010.

After investing in a company that has seen tremendous success, the White Knights video game inventor has now entered Australia’s Richest 250.

Who Is Laurence Escalante’s Wife? Their Kids

On his now-defunct Facebook profile from 2017, Laurence has seen with his wife named, Sarita Escalante.

Given that he hasn’t been active on Facebook, we can presume that he was married to Sarita Escalante.

Four children, Levi, Aiyah, Jordan, and Ezra, can be seen with Sarita Escalante and Laurence.

Mr. and Mrs. Escalante enjoyed exploring new areas together. There is currently no information available on their breakup.

Daniel Kal and Sarita began dating on December 8, 2020. Before meeting Kal, she was previously married to the well-known gamer entrepreneur for about five years.

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Info On Laurence Escalante’s Age, Bio, And Wikipedia

In 2023, Laurence will be 39 years old. Because of little information available on Wikipedia, his exact birthdate is unknown.

Former Hungry Jacks and Reject Shop employees launched two video gaming firms with offices in Perth.

Little is known about the businessman’s parents since he loves them and wants to provide them a peaceful life by shielding them from the press and the paparazzi.

Although we know little about his parents, we may presume that they assisted him in developing into the man he is now.

About his siblings, nothing is known. We cannot confirm that he was the sole child of his parents.

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Salary, Earnings, And Networth Of Laurence Escalante

As of 2023, Escalante, the man behind Virtual Gaming World and one of Perth’s wealthiest businesses, had a net worth of 2.5 billion dollars.

Because of the COVID-19 epidemic, which put the country on lockdown, people had more time to play online games, which was a major element in Laurence’s success in the gaming sector.

The social gaming industry was launched in 2010 by a well-known video game entrepreneur who generated more than $200 million in revenue.

The purple Lamborghini was accidentally parked in front of the blue one by the Crown Perth valet trying to avoid hitting it.

He earned $5.65 per hour working for Hungry Jacks. He acquired a $7.5 million apartment on South Perth Esplanade in December 2022.

Escalante also invested about $120 million in a private jet.

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