Know About Amelia Dimoldenberg Husband, Sister And Family

Amelia Dimoldenberg
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The sister of Amelia Dimoldenberg, Zoe Dimoldenberg, has become well-known after being mentioned in tweets by a director and a fashion designer. Amelia is a British journalist that uses YouTube in addition to broadcasting on television.

English journalist and comedian Amelia is well-known. Her YouTube channel has more than 1.7 million subscribers. Dimoldenberg was raised in Westminster’s Marylebone district after being born there on January 30, 1994.

While Paul, her father, was a Party City Councilman, she went on to enroll in St. Marylebone School. She finished her A-level coursework in English, art, and computer science. She established the foundation for her art and design thanks to her study for a BSc in Fashion Communication from London.

Almost 1.1 million people have watched Amelia’s first video, GHETTS Chicken Shop, which she posted on March 25, 2014. More than 245 million people have seen her movies. She rose to fame due to the lighthearted television show Chicken Shop Dating.

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Who Is Amelia Dimoldenberg Husband?

Amelia is in a relationship with Aitch, but they are not yet engaged. Rapper Aitch, real name Harrison Armstrong, and Youtuber Dimoldenberg made things official. Online romance rumors were swiftly fueled by a TikTok video the rapper released of the two of them together.

It is unknown how long they have been dating or living together. Rapper Aitch appeared in the 2019 video series for Amelia’s Chicken Shop Dating YouTube channel. With 15 million views, the video she created with Chunkz and Yung Filly beat the episode’s 14 million views to come in second.

She frequently goes on “Chicken Shop Dates” with celebrities and creatives. Amelia claims that it takes about 40 minutes to film each episode. She also observed lightheartedly that she exaggerates herself when she appears on her television program. She learned about a variety of TV shows, including comedies and documentaries.

Amelia said that the relationship allegations were true three years after that occurrence. After that, the couple made their relationship known by sharing a selfie of Amelia and Aitch on Tiktok. You are already familiar with the quote Dimoldenberg selected as the caption for the video.

In 2019, the rapper dated Taylor Mullings, but their relationship ended the following year. She has opted to keep her private life a mystery. Hence there is no reliable information on her sister Zoe.

Know About Amelia Dimoldenberg Sister And Family

Amelia Dimoldenberg Sister And Family
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Before Big Smoke, a designer, filmmaker, and artist with more than 1.1 million followers, shared a photo of Zoe there, nobody knew she was Amelia’s sister. It was later determined that the girl in the picture was Amelia’s sister after Zoe retweeted the post.

At first, her supporters thought it was her or were confused that it might be her, but gradually they realized it was Zoe. Because Zoe is the sole child, Amelia spent her early years with her. Her father, Paul Demoldenberg, has been a Labour councilor for Queen for about 25 years and a road councilor for about ten years.

He now serves as the cabinet member in charge of local government and air quality. Paul, raised in Marylebone despite being born in Manchester, finally moved there. He has also finished several projects for the area. Although Amelia and Zoe’s mother is unidentified, their father posts a picture of her on Instagram.

Amelia’s parents have consistently encouraged her decisions. Zoe Dimoldenberg, however, does not take pleasure in being the focus of attention, unlike her father and sister. Zoe has about 500 followers on Twitter, but she doesn’t tweet very much. She also has 900 followers on a private Instagram account.

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