What Happened To Kimberly Achas? Her Death Cause, Obituary And Case Details

Kimberly Achas
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After being leaked, Kimberly Achas’ CCTV footage became viral. Domestic abuse claimed Kimberly’s life and caused it.

When the third-year college student arrived at the Don Carlos, Bukidnon hospital, he or she was pronounced dead. She was attacked and stabbed by the living partner during a violent disagreement.

During their investigation, the police later identified the victim as 22-year-old Kimberly Achas and the suspect as 27-year-old jobless male Edson Campo Jamisula. Edson, the suspect, attempted to flee the scene but was apprehended by the police officers who were on the site almost away.

The incident was captured on camera by Kimberly Achas, and when the video of the incident leaked and became popular on social media, netizens were incensed.

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What Happened To Kimberly Achas? Her Death Cause

The CCTV film of Kimberly Achas, who was the victim of domestic abuse, shows her partner Edson savagely punching and stabbing Kimberly. The video was posted online via leak.

Although the true identity of the individuals who leaked the tape has not yet been established, the netizens are extremely furious after viewing it. The couple’s home is shown in the film, which is roughly 7 minutes, 11 seconds long and was released.

According to the official reports, Kimberly and her partner got into a violent dispute at home, which is what caused the suspect to stab his partner. He used the broken glass to stab her in various places on her body.

Kimberly was taken urgently to the Don Carlos Hospital for treatment, but the staff there reported that she had passed away already.

Obituary Of Kimberly Achas

22-year-old Kimberly Achas was enrolled in her third year of college. The couple’s child is nine months old.

He had experienced domestic abuse there.

When Edson refused to let Kimberly breastfeed her infant one day, an altercation ensued. The argument turned physical, resulting in a brawl that killed Kimberly.

During a violent disagreement, Edson, Kimberly Achas’ partner, fatally stabbed her with fragments of shattered glass bottle.

After the incident, the victim was taken immediately to the hospital, but she was unable to survive and was declared dead before she even got there.

The police officers caught the guy as he attempted to flee the scene.

Update And Case Detail On Kimberly Achas

At Purok 9 in Poblacion Sur, Don Carlos Town, Kimberly Achas shared a home with her boyfriend Edson. Three of them were residing together and had a child together.

On March 11, 2023, at around 3 p.m., the pair got into an argument because Kimberly wanted to breastfeed her child but the partner objected.

Partner Edson lost his cool during the heated debate and began savagely stabbing Kimberly with the shattered shards of glass.

When the neighbours went to investigate after hearing a loud argument between the couple inside the home, they discovered that the suspect had repeatedly struck the victim with a plastic chair before fatally stabbing her.

The suspect was described as a strong drinker, frequently inebriated by friends and family. According to the Don Carlos police department, the suspect will face legal action from Kimberly’s family.

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