Twitch Streamer: Kiaraakitty Plastic Surgery Rumours, Boyfriend, Earnings And Net Worth

Twitch Streamer: Kiaraakitty
Source: Instagram

Twitch Streamer Kiaraakitty’s fans are curious about her plastic surgery rumors. People are now browsing through her old pictures to make comparisons.

Cheng Wing Yee, a Singaporean Twitch broadcaster known as Kiaraakitty, is well-known for her sexy shows.

Cheng Wing Yee, born on July 23, 2002, has a brother as a sibling. Kiara held a marketing position prior to switching to a full-time Twitch streamer.

At Twitch, she started working in September 2015. She broadcasts vlogs and personal information on Twitch. Throughout her eight-year career on Twitch, she has been active with several causes and in a band.

She allegedly scammed seven people out of money and made discriminatory slurs to other people. Doubtful accusations have dogged her stream career.

Twitch Streamer: Kiaraakitty Plastic Surgery Rumours

Twitch Streamer: Kiaraakitty
Source: Instagram

Speculation exists. Kiaraakitty recently underwent a few body plastic surgeries. It is also said that her partner covered all expenses.

She supposedly had surgery on her teeth, nose, chin, cheekbones, and breast. Her social media pages are filled with sultry pictures.

The online before-and-after photos of Kiaraakitty have set a false standard for women.

Also, there is no evidence to support the veracity of her surgery’s before and after pictures, which she has yet to accept.

Her supporters are merely spreading rumors that may or may not be accurate because she hasn’t given out any information that can be independently verified.

Who Is Kiaraakitty’s Boyfriend?

There is no information about Kiaraakitty’s present partner, despite the KiaraaKitty Love Scam’s claim that she has been in up to three committed relationships.

She ultimately met Bai, her third ex-boyfriend, in her second relationship after five years of serious dating. In her love fraud story, she dumped Bai after October 2019 and portrayed her as a broke loser.

Twitch Streamer: Kiaraakitty
Source: Instagram

In September 2019, she left for the United States, where she streamed for 40 days straight till October. She stumbled there and hit the ground with numerous streamers. She dumped Bai when she got back and started dating the Twitch streamer cooksux.

She was involved in a love scam in 2021, a Jacuzzi stream incident in 2021, a leak of her earnings of 122k USD over two years in 2021, and a current 4-day Twitch ban in 2023, among other controversies.

Even though the Twitch community is aware of all the earlier issues, her most recent ban was not adequately justified. Many people think that the sexual material in her most recent stream is the cause of her suspension.

Earnings And Net Worth Of Kiaraakitty

The major media websites estimate the streamer’s net worth to be between $1 million and $5 million. Kiaraa hasn’t, however, formally stated anything about it as of yet.

She regularly promotes Nike and Victoria’s Secret on her Instagram account, where she has amassed over 190k followers.

She also has a fan-only account where she offers paid access to her unique stuff. Her overall wealth rises as a result.

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