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Kenny B Real
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Having been born in 1999, Kenny B Rapper is currently 23 years old. 

Kenny B, a rapper, is a native of Fort Worth, Texas. The rapper is well known for his internet persona in addition to his songs. From a number of angles, like talking out of both sides of his mouth, his opps, and being extremely friendly in his interviews, Kenny B has amassed a significant fan base.

Kenny claims to be the first rapper from Fort Worth who hasn’t been well-known as a result of a fight or another event. The rapper has made a reputation for himself and continues to improve, as evidenced by the fact that he has more than 115K Instagram followers.

Whether it be through his music, where he routinely collaborates with bigger and bigger bands, or his YouTube series, where he exposes viewers to the several dangerous neighbourhoods in Fort Worth, Kenny has experience using the internet.

Real Name Of Rapper Kenny B

Kenny NCG Although he has shied away from revealing the meaning of B, B’s real name is Kenny. Never Change Global is known as NCG.

But throughout his career, the rapper also went by the moniker Kenny B, frequently flipping between the two as he pleased. Rappers from Texas that belong to NCG are a loose collective, but other than Kenny B, only NCG MadMax has achieved any online success.

The rapper started using the name Woadie World, according to his Instagram bio, although as of the time this piece was written, no music has been made available under that moniker. His friend Woadie, who went away two years ago, is honoured with the name.

How Old Is Kenny B? His Age

NCG Kenny B appears to be 23 years old in the footage seen on RealToonTV and YouTube.

Kenny B Real
Source: instagram

Rapper has been in the music industry for over five years. Kenny started his music career by making the entirety of his first independent project, GSNLS, available on Soundcloud on February 14, 2018. GSNLS, or Gang Sht No Lame Sht, is the name of an eight-track album.

The rapper had twenty-two songs available for streaming as of December 1st, 2018. Before releasing his Spotify in 2020, Kenny would then release music and features over the course of the next two years on a number of YouTube channels.

Details On Kenny B Height

Kenny B stands at 5 feet 8 inches. He is slightly taller than his regular partner Asian Doll at 5’6″. The rapper is physically fit.

His tiny figure is complemented by his lean frame, which the rapper emphasises with tight clothing, especially tight trousers. Kenny generally sports tight pants, a T-shirt or sweater, and additional jewellery.

The rapper differs from most rappers, especially Texan musicians, in that he doesn’t go overboard with accessories. Yet he has tattoos all over his back, neck, and arms. While Kenny is known for being able to defend himself in a fight, his lean physique also hides a significant amount of strength.

Instagram Details Of Kenny B

NCG Kenny Instagram has almost 115K followers. The rapper had 75 posts as of the time this article was written.

Like many other rappers and media figures, Kenny uses his Instagram, which is also his most popular social media platform, to share snippets of his many endeavours.

His Instagram gives his admirers an early look at all of the music and YouTube videos he will soon release. On Instagram, the rapper has also shared music that he is currently working on.

He occasionally even asks his followers which version they like in order to get their opinion. Despite all of his controversy, it is clear that Kenny has a devoted and encouraging following because they are so quick to give him praise in the comments section.

Earnings And Net Worth Of Kenny B

Kenny B’s Instagram indicates that he is worth $10,000. For his songs and several videos, the rapper receives compensated.

According to his Spotify, the rapper has put out over five albums from 2020’s Motel 6 to his most recent, 2022’s Pain—along with 18 songs. Thousands of people have listened to each of Kenny’s singles.

The rapper has also posted a number of YouTube videos, including freestyles, interviews, and music videos. Despite not yet exceeding a million views, many of these videos have earned tens of thousands of views.

Last but not least, a May 2018 interview with DJ Smallz Eyes claimed that the rapper had negotiated a very favourable contract with Alamo Records. Five years into his career, more people than ever are wishing for Kenny B to become the star he so wishes for.

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