Is Justina Miles Deaf? Know About Her Age, Boyfriend And Family

Justina Miles
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An American athlete, social media sensation, and ASL interpreter named Justina gained notoriety after translating Rihana’s performance at the 2023 Super Bowl. Look into Justina Miles’s parents, age, and boyfriend.

Say it with your chest was reinterpreted by Miles, a sign language interpreter in the 2023 Super Bowl.

On TikTok and other social media sites, Miles’ cover of the Super Bowl song “B—h Better Have My Money” is trending. The video has already received 11 million views.

Rihanna made a few comments with her chest during her halftime performance at the 2023 Super Bowl.

It is slang for someone who bravely expresses their opinions. While Rihanna kept singing, Miles repeated the action well over a hundred times.

Several of Rihanna’s tracks, including “Umbrella” and “Work,” were performed. Justina matched her enthusiasm and tempo, giving the impression that a dance performance was being put on.

Is Justina Miles Deaf?

Yes, Miles is truly deaf; she originally struggled with hearing as a child, which ultimately caused her to lose her sight.

She persevered in her pursuit of fame despite being deaf.

She began learning American Sign Language after being deaf and eventually became an interpreter.

After taking part in the TikTok competition “crush on you” and sharing her video on her TikTok account, phillyqt12, Justina gained notoriety in 2020.

The video immediately racked up hundreds of thousands of views after becoming viral. For many deaf people who look to her as an example, she is a hero and a role model.

She will perform and serve as an interpreter at the Super Bowl halftime show for the first time.

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Justina Miles’s Parents: What Are Her Father And Mother?

Born in 2002, Justina spent her formative years in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her precise birthdate is unknown.

Other family members, including Justina’s deaf mother, have trouble hearing.

Information about Justina Miles’ parents isn’t public knowledge because she values her privacy and wants to protect her family from the media and paparazzi.

We don’t know much about her parents, but we can presume they showed her much love and support.

The encouragement, love, and support Justina received from her family were among the factors that contributed to her success.

The young and gifted ASL interpreter is a United States citizen but of Black heritage.

Justina Miles Age And Boyfriend

Justina Miles
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Many deaf people’s young role models will be 21 years old by 2023.

She has demonstrated that everyone, everywhere in the world, is capable of achieving their goals, even when they are young.

Miles became the first ASL interpreter to participate in the Super Bowl halftime show at 21.

As of 2023, various websites indicate that she is still single and unmarried.

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