Who Is Joni Lamb New Boyfriend? Details On Her Ex-Husband And Divorce Settlement

Joni Lamb
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Christian broadcaster Joni Lamb has a lengthy career in television and has accumulated a plethora of knowledge through her various endeavours.

Lamb is well-known for being the vice president, executive producer, and co-founder of the Daystar Television Network. She was renowned for the work she and her late husband, Marcus Lamb, produced.

Lamb routinely makes news for her personal life in addition to her professional endeavours. Lamb just requested that her fans watch an episode of Table Talk because she will be revealing a significant surprise there.

Joni and Doug Weiss collaborated on an Instagram post. So, it appears that their friendship is developing. In addition, there is ongoing speculation about Joni and her late husband’s connection online.

Who Is Joni Lamb New Boyfriend?

Their friendship with Joni Lamb and her purported new partner appears to be progressing. Dr Doug Weiss claims that there have been rumours of a relationship between them for some time.

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Lamb just made a surprising announcement on Instagram for her friends and fans. She shared a close-up photo of herself and Doug on social media and invited followers to watch a Table Talk episode.

Fans predicted that this would result in an engagement for Lamb and Weiss. Lamb is still followable on Instagram, where she is logged in as @jonilamb. She’ll undoubtedly inform her Instagram fans about her romantic life.

Meet Joni Lamb Ex-Husband Marcus Lamb

Marcus Lamb acknowledged having an adulterous relationship with a former teammate in public in 2010. He admitted to using the Daystar Television Network, a Christian television network, on a “Celebration” programme.

In the programme, Lamb apologised to both his congregation and the audience and expressed regret. He was publicly pardoned by his wife Joni Lamb, who was also present at the incident. Both the marriage and the mission seemed to be under construction.

Online reports assert that the pair filed for divorce in 2012. Despite the fact that the statement was vague on the reason for their breakup, Marcus’ adultery was widely accepted as a factor.

Yet, their breakup hasn’t been formally announced. Marcus and Joni met in Joni’s church before getting married in 1980. As travelling evangelists, they spent some time spreading the gospel to congregations all over the Southeast.

Details On Joni Lamb Divorce and Settlement

You must be aware of the highs and lows of Joni Lamb’s marriage to her late husband. It is safe to presume. Both of them were open about their interaction with the media.

Reports state that in 2010, both partners in Marcus Lamb’s adulterous relationship publicly acknowledged it. Some thought they had formally separated and divorced as a result. There is no evidence of a divorce between the Lambs.

Both their divorce and its settlement are therefore not accessible online. Marcus, who had Covid-19 and was hospitalised in 2021, unfortunately, died. Joni said that her husband had diabetes in a statement.

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