Joe Rogan Deep Video Owner And Alpha Grind Case Explanation

Joe Rogan Alpha grind
Source: Vulture

Since Joe Rogan’s alpha grind advertisement was posted on TikTok, it has become widely popular online.

Deepfakes, which are computer recreations of real people with voice imitations, are becoming more common as artificial intelligence advances.

Some people worry that technology might be employed maliciously, such as to speak for politicians, as a result of this. However, it’s currently being used to produce a fake Joe Rogan that advertises genital drugs.

Like generative AIs like ChatGPT, deep fakes are one of those technologies that can produce both great and terrible outcomes.

The most notorious of these—and we’ve already seen its worst aspects—are pornographic videos that have been altered to appear to star prominent ladies.

Another bogus film purported to show Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, resigning.

Deepfakes gain credibility as speech mimicking technology advances. Deceptive videos of people are currently shared on TikTok.

Coffeezilla, a researcher who has been exposing Logan Paul’s CryptoZoo encryption games, made the discovery.

Case Update: Alpha Grind Markets Supplements Using a Joe Rogan Deep Fake

A fictional Rogan endorses the testosterone-boosting medication Alpha Grind in the video.

When searching for “libido enhancer for men,” these tablets, according to the recreation, are among the top results on Amazon. This is because “men are discovering out that it literally is increasing in size and making a difference down there,” the recreation claims.

Many were duped into believing the movie was authentic. In order to illustrate that the conversation between Rogan and himself had been staged and that they had actually been talking about something else entirely, Andrew D. Huberman, a real guest on Rogan’s show, had to make an appearance in the film.

Joe Rogan Alpha grind
Source: dailymail

Even though there are a few instances where the lip-syncing is off and Rogan’s voice sounds a little different than it does in the video, many people still find it convincing.

Deep-fake movies will only get more lifelike as AI technologies advance, such as Microsoft’s Vall-E, which can reproduce a human voice after hearing a three-second sample.

The news may be great for the viewers, but voice actors and others who fall prey to scam artists will not be happy with it.

Who Is Rogan Deep Video Owner?

The @fvckingmotivation account owned the TikTok video featuring Joe Rogan’s Alpha Grind, however it has already been taken down. Some of Rogan’s supporters, who have been on his side, are worried about how far AI has advanced.

Given that a tweet exhibiting a TikTok fake went viral on February 12, TikTok appears to be undergoing AI treatment at the moment.

Even if the advertising content is hilarious, Joe Rogan never stated those precise words on his podcast.

Instead, without Rogan’s knowledge or approval, an AI-generated Joe Rogan voice was utilized in the advertising to market the product for free. This has caused some fear on the internet right now.

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Who is the Wife of Joe Rogan?

In 2009, Rogan wed Jessica Ditzel, a former cocktail server. They had two girls in 2008 and two in 2010, respectively. Rogan is also the stepfather to Ditzel’s prior partner’s child.

They moved to Gold Hill, Colorado in 2008, but Ditzel was pregnant four months later, causing them to go back to Southern California. Since their relocation to Bell Canyon, California, in 2003, Rogan has intermittently lived there.

They made an approximate $5 million investment in a new home nearby in 2018. The family will move into a $14 million mansion on Lake Austin in Austin, Texas, in 2020.

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