Jocelyn Wildenstein Before Plastic Surgery, Age And Husband

Jocelyn Wildenstein Before Cosmetic Surgery
Source: irishmirror

There are allegations that Jocelyn Wildenstein’s present appearance does not match her previous appearance.

On the other side, Wildenstein has denied the assertions that her Swiss ancestry is the cause of her distinctive appearance.

Jocelyn Wildenstein, according to her wikipedia article, is well known for having undergone considerable cosmetic surgery that gave her a cat-like appearance.

Her 1999 public divorce from rich art dealer and businessman Alec Wildenstein, her extravagant lifestyle, and her subsequent bankruptcy all received a lot of media attention.

Was Jocelyn Wildenstein a patient for plastic surgery?

Jocelyn Wildenstein appears to have undergone several cosmetic operations.

But, the most recent tale is getting hotter as Wildenstein responded to those who had formed opinions about her appearance and disproved rumors that she had undergone plastic surgery.

As we go into the depths, it is claimed that the art dealer, also known as Catwoman due to her unpredictable appearance, spent millions of dollars on cosmetic surgery. She frequently denies these claims, though.

She has already claimed that her Swiss background is the cause of her famed good looks, and by denying every accusation, she has fanned the flames.

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Jocelyn Wildenstein Before Cosmetic Surgery

Jocelyn Wildenstein Before Cosmetic Surgery
Source: irishmirror

Jocelyn posted an image of herself practicing ballet on Instagram to refute rumors that she had undergone significant plastic surgery.

She stated in the caption that people should stop assuming negative things about her appearance because she was the one taking dance classes in Switzerland when I was 15 years old.

What Is Jocelyn Wildenstein’s Age? Who is her husband?

Jocelyn Wildenstein is 82 years old at this moment. She was born on August 5th, 1940, in Lausanne, Switzerland, where she was reared.

Jocelyn Wildenstein Before Cosmetic Surgery
Source: irishmirror

While Wildenstein was in her early thirties and more into her husband, she first met Alec N. Wildenstein. He was a well-known and one of the wealthiest art merchants.

The divorce of the marriage, which occurred in 1999, was acrimonious. Jocelyn arrived at the New York residence of the Wildensteins to find her husband talking to a 19-year-old Russian model while pointing a gun at her in her bedroom.

The judge prohibited her from using any alimony money from her divorce to pay for any cosmetic surgery.

Jocelyn occasionally hired Bernard Clair and Kenneth Godt to help her with her legal problems, and she occasionally hired Ed Rollins to help her with her public relations efforts.

The couple divorced in 2016 as a result of publicly acknowledged personal concerns.

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