Is Yu Chang Wife Ling Chang Pregnant In 2023? Their Dating Life And Engagement

Yu Chang
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Following the birth of their daughter, Yu Chang and Ling Chang will have two children. In December of last year, Yu proposed to Ling.

On December 31, 2017, the pair announced their engagement, although no wedding photographs were ever released on Instagram. Despite being an ardent Instagram user, Ling has yet to share photos from their wedding day.

Winston, the couple’s first child, was born in September 2020, and a baby girl is anticipated in early April 2023. As a result, photographs of baby No.2 may appear on Yu’s Instagram account by the time the Red Sox play the Orioles.

Yu had a bad season with the Pirates but a much better season with the Rays, when he was teammates with Brandon Lowe.

Is Yu Chang Wife Ling Chang Pregnant In 2023?

Yu and Ling Chang had their first kid in 2020 and plan to have their second in 2023.

Nevertheless, before conceiving a human kid, Yu and Ling were joined by their pet, a golden poodle who was the focus of their Instagram handle frequently.

Ling shared a photo of their dog with a placard that read, “So…it implies I am NOT your ONLY baby,” as well as an ultrasound image. Yu and Ling were in Taiwan at the time, having returned before the COVID limitations went into effect.

Ling exhibited her developing pregnant bump on her Instagram page in the days that followed. Yu had to return to work before spending time with his wife before the birth of their child.

Winston, their child, was born in September 2020, and Yu met him for the first time on October 19, 2020. Winston spent his first Halloween with them.

Winston has already accompanied his father as a cheerleader at Progressive Field and Tropicana Field. Winston and their pet announced on November 2, 2022, that Winston would become a big brother.

This time, their cat was displeased since it had received the notice, “Really? Again? yet another HOOMAN, “This may alter once it meets the new family member.

On January 10, 2023, Ling uploaded a video from their gender reveal ceremony, confirming that they are expecting a baby girl. As a result, Ling and their two children may be spotted at Fenway Park during the 2023 baseball season.

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Yu Chang And Ling Chang Dating Life And Relationship

Yu Chang And Ling Chang
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In 2016, Yu Chang and Ling Chang declared their relationship on Instagram.

One image from 2016 jumps out on Ling’s Instagram account, where she has published countless images of herself having fun with friends and posing for the camera like a model. It’s a video of her conversing with Yu.

Ling begs Yu to return to Taiwan and play there in the caption. Yu tweeted a photo of a girl with the song “Le Me Love You” playing in the background a month before Ling’s post. He didn’t confirm their relationship, but he referenced Ling in the comments.

The young pair had to navigate a long-distance relationship in the early stages of their romance, whether through face timing or Yu’s frequent visits to Taiwan to see Ling.

Ling paid a touching homage to her husband on January 2, 2017, before Yu left to the United States following a brief visit to Taiwan. Ling expressed her regret at not being able to see her husband for several months, as well as her desire to miss everything he would do for her.

Ling alerted her followers a few days later that she had created an iPhone cover based on the photo of her and Ling from the tribute post. Yu used the cellphone cover until 2019, and several Reddit users praised it.

info On Yu Chang And Ling Chang Engagement

Yu Chang and Ling Chang tied the knot on December 31, 2017.

On January 2, 2018, Ling posted a selfie of herself and Yu with a bouquet and a two-tier cake. It appeared to be a birthday party, but it was their wedding ceremony.

Ling revealed in the caption that she proposed to the baseball player on December 31, 2017, in front of their respective families. She also stated that her mother and sister-in-law organized her wedding.

The pair hasn’t published any photos from their wedding ceremony on Instagram, preferring to keep the occasion private.

Ling now travels often between the United States and Taiwan. She said that in 2018, she had returned to the United States full-time to assist Yu. On the other hand, Ling recently uploaded images of herself living in the United States and Taiwan for a few months.

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